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SEEK-2 (Sporadic-E Experiment over Kyushu 2)
Editor(s): M. Yamamoto and S. Fukao

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14 Oct 2005
The first coordinated observations of mid-latitude E-region quasi-periodic radar echoes and lower thermospheric 557.7-nm airglow
T. Ogawa, Y. Otsuka, F. Onoma, K. Shiokawa, and M. Yamamoto
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2391-2399,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Relationship between propagation direction of gravity waves in OH and OI airglow images and VHF radar echo occurrence during the SEEK-2 campaign
F. Onoma, Y. Otsuka, K. Shiokawa, T. Ogawa, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, and S. Saito
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2385-2390,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Numerical simulation of mid-latitude ionospheric E-region based on SEEK and SEEK-2 observations
T. Yokoyama, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, T. Takahashi, and M. Tanaka
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2377-2384,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Observations of neutral winds, wind shears, and wave structure during a sporadic-E/QP event
M. F. Larsen, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, R. T. Tsunoda, and A. Saito
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2369-2375,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Radio tomographic imaging of sporadic-E layers during SEEK-2
P. A. Bernhardt, C. A. Selcher, C. Siefring, M. Wilkens, C. Compton, G. Bust, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, O. Takayuki, M. Wakabayashi, and H. Mori
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2357-2368,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Multi-layer structure of mid-latitude sporadic-E observed during the SEEK-2 campaign
M. Wakabayashi and T. Ono
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2347-2355,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Electron density and plasma waves in mid-latitude sporadic-E layer observed during the SEEK-2 campaign
M. Wakabayashi, T. Ono, H. Mori, and P. A. Bernhardt
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2335-2345,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Electric field measurements of DC and long wavelength structures associated with sporadic-E layers and QP radar echoes
R. Pfaff, H. Freudenreich, T. Yokoyama, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, H. Mori, S. Ohtsuki, and N. Iwagami
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2319-2334,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
Radar observations of field-aligned plasma irregularities in the SEEK-2 campaign
S. Saito, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, M. Marumoto, and R. T. Tsunoda
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2307-2318,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
SEEK-2 (Sporadic-E Experiment over Kyushu 2) − Project Outline, and Significance
M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, R. T. Tsunoda, R. Pfaff, and H. Hayakawa
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2295-2305,,, 2005
13 Oct 2005
SEEK-2 (Sporadic-E Experiment over Kyushu 2)
M. Yamamoto and S. Fukao
Ann. Geophys., 23, 2293-2293,,, 2005
CC BY 4.0
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