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The following lists the discussion papers and final revised papers published within the last 60 days.
22 Jan 2018
Study of ionospheric disturbances over the China mid- and low-latitude region with GPS observations
Yafei Ning and Jun Tang
Ann. Geophys., 36, 81-89,, 2018
19 Jan 2018
Unexpected Southern Hemisphere ionospheric response to geomagnetic storm of 15 August 2015
Ilya Edemskiy, Jan Lastovicka, Dalia Buresova, John Bosco Habarulema, and Ivan Nepomnyashchikh
Ann. Geophys., 36, 71-79,, 2018
19 Jan 2018
A relation between the locations of the polar boundary of outer electron radiation belt and the equatorial boundary of the auroral oval
Maria O. Riazanteseva, Elizaveta E. Antonova, Marina V. Stepanova, Boris V. Marjin, Ilia A. Rubinshtein, Vera O. Barinova, and Nikita V. Sotnikov
Ann. Geophys. Discuss.,, 2018
Manuscript under review for ANGEO (discussion: open, 0 comments)
18 Jan 2018
On the role of neutral flow in field-aligned currents
Anthony J. Mannucci, Olga P. Verkhoglyadova, Xing Meng, and Ryan McGranaghan
Ann. Geophys., 36, 53-57,, 2018
18 Jan 2018
Pulsating aurora and cosmic noise absorption associated with growth-phase arcs
Derek McKay, Noora Partamies, and Juha Vierinen
Ann. Geophys., 36, 59-69,, 2018
17 Jan 2018
Van Allen Probes observation of plasmaspheric hiss modulated by injected energetic electrons
Run Shi, Wen Li, Qianli Ma, Seth G. Claudepierre, Craig A. Kletzing, William S. Kurth, George B. Hospodarsky, Harlan E. Spence, Geoff D. Reeves, Joseph F. Fennell, J. Bernard Blake, Scott A. Thaller, and John R. Wygant
Ann. Geophys. Discuss.,, 2018
Manuscript under review for ANGEO (discussion: open, 0 comments)
17 Jan 2018
On application of asymmetric Kan-like exact equilibria to the Earth magnetotail modeling
Daniil B. Korovinskiy, Darya I. Kubyshkina, Vladimir S. Semenov, Marina V. Kubyshkina, Nikolai V. Erkaev, and Stefan A. Kiehas
Ann. Geophys. Discuss.,, 2018
Manuscript under review for ANGEO (discussion: open, 0 comments)
16 Jan 2018
Impact of magnetic storms on the global TEC distribution
Donat V. Blagoveshchensky, Olga A. Maltseva, and Maria A. Sergeeva
Ann. Geophys. Discuss.,, 2018
Manuscript under review for ANGEO (discussion: open, 0 comments)
12 Jan 2018
Uncertainties in the heliosheath ion temperatures
Klaus Scherer, Hans Jörg Fahr, Horst Fichtner, Adama Sylla, John D. Richardson, and Marian Lazar
Ann. Geophys., 36, 37-46,, 2018
12 Jan 2018
Multi-scale analysis of compressible fluctuations in the solar wind
Owen W. Roberts, Yasuhito Narita, and C.-Philippe Escoubet
Ann. Geophys., 36, 47-52,, 2018
11 Jan 2018
An investigation of the ionospheric F-region near the EIA crest in India using OI 777.4 and 630.0 nm nightglow observations
Navin Parihar, Sandro M. Radicella, Bruno Nava, Yenca Olivia Migoya Orue, Prabhakar Tiwari, and Rajesh Singh
Ann. Geophys. Discuss.,, 2018
Manuscript under review for ANGEO (discussion: open, 0 comments)
10 Jan 2018
Simulating the dependence of seismo-ionospheric coupling on the magnetic field inclination
Lalit Mohan Joshi, Samireddipelle Sripathi, Muppidi Ravi Kumar, and Esfhan Alam Kherani
Ann. Geophys., 36, 25-35,, 2018
09 Jan 2018
New insights for mesospheric OH: multi-quantum vibrational relaxation as a driver for non-local thermodynamic equilibrium
Konstantinos S. Kalogerakis, Daniel Matsiev, Philip C. Cosby, James A. Dodd, Stefano Falcinelli, Jonas Hedin, Alexander A. Kutepov, Stefan Noll, Peter A. Panka, Constantin Romanescu, and Jérôme E. Thiebaud
Ann. Geophys., 36, 13-24,, 2018
04 Jan 2018
Energy conversion through mass loading of escaping ionospheric ions for different Kp values
Masatoshi Yamauchi and Rikard Slapak
Ann. Geophys., 36, 1-12,, 2018
22 Dec 2017
Thermodynamic structure of the convective boundary layer (CBL) over the Indian monsoon region during CAIPEEX campaigns
Sanjay Kumar Mehta, Devendra Ojha, Shyam Mehta, Devarajan Anand, Daggumati Narayana Rao, Vanmathi Annamalai, Aravindhavel Ananthavel, and Saleem Ali
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1361-1379,, 2017
15 Dec 2017
Relative outflow enhancements during major geomagnetic storms – Cluster observations
Audrey Schillings, Hans Nilsson, Rikard Slapak, Masatoshi Yamauchi, and Lars-Göran Westerberg
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1341-1352,, 2017
15 Dec 2017
The usefulness of Poynting's theorem in magnetic turbulence
Rudolf A. Treumann and Wolfgang Baumjohann
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1353-1360,, 2017
13 Dec 2017
A troposphere tomography method considering the weighting of input information
Qingzhi Zhao, Yibin Yao, and Wanqiang Yao
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1327-1340,, 2017
07 Dec 2017
Total electron content responses to HILDCAAs and geomagnetic storms over South America
Patricia Mara de Siqueira Negreti, Eurico Rodrigues de Paula, and Claudia Maria Nicoli Candido
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1309-1326,, 2017
06 Dec 2017
Open and partially closed models of the solar wind interaction with outer planet magnetospheres: the case of Saturn
Elena S. Belenkaya, Stanley W. H. Cowley, Igor I. Alexeev, Vladimir V. Kalegaev, Ivan A. Pensionerov, Marina S. Blokhina, and David A. Parunakian
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1293-1308,, 2017
01 Dec 2017
Tests for coronal electron temperature signatures in suprathermal electron populations at 1 AU
Allan R. Macneil, Christopher J. Owen, and Robert T. Wicks
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1275-1291,, 2017
28 Nov 2017
Tail reconnection in the global magnetospheric context: Vlasiator first results
Minna Palmroth, Sanni Hoilijoki, Liisa Juusola, Tuija I. Pulkkinen, Heli Hietala, Yann Pfau-Kempf, Urs Ganse, Sebastian von Alfthan, Rami Vainio, and Michael Hesse
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1269-1274,, 2017
27 Nov 2017
Global characteristics of auroral Hall currents derived from the Swarm constellation: dependences on season and IMF orientation
Tao Huang, Hermann Lühr, and Hui Wang
Ann. Geophys., 35, 1249-1268,, 2017
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