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The structure of fast sausage waves in current-carrying coronal loops
D. B. Bembitov, B. B. Mikhalyaev, and M. S. Ruderman
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1189-1193, 2014
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  24 Sep 2014
Comparison of methods for modelling geomagnetically induced currents
D. H. Boteler and R. J. Pirjola
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1177-1187, 2014
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  19 Sep 2014
Observations of the generation of eastward equatorial electric fields near dawn
M. C. Kelley, F. S. Rodrigues, R. F. Pfaff, and J. Klenzing
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1169-1175, 2014
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  19 Sep 2014
New results of structured VLF emissions observed simultaneously at two closely located stations near L ~ 5.5
J. Manninen, N. G. Kleimenova, Yu. V. Fedorenko, P. A. Bespalov, and T. Turunen
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1163-1167, 2014
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  18 Sep 2014
On the man-made contamination on ULF measurements: evidence for disturbances related to an electrified DC railway
U. Villante, A. Piancatelli, and P. Palangio
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1153-1161, 2014
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  16 Sep 2014
Ionospheric shock waves triggered by rockets
C. H. Lin, J. T. Lin, C. H. Chen, J. Y. Liu, Y. Y. Sun, Y. Kakinami, M. Matsumura, W. H. Chen, H. Liu, and R. J. Rau
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1145-1152, 2014
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  16 Sep 2014
Spatial and seasonal variability of medium- and high-frequency gravity waves in the lower atmosphere revealed by US radiosonde data
S. D. Zhang, C. M. Huang, K. M. Huang, F. Yi, Y. H. Zhang, Y. Gong, and Q. Gan
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1129-1143, 2014
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  12 Sep 2014
Remote sensing of the Io torus plasma ribbon using natural radio occultation of the Jovian radio emissions
M. Y. Boudjada, P. H. M. Galopeau, S. Sawas, and H. Lammer
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1119-1128, 2014
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  09 Sep 2014
Cluster observations of the substructure of a flux transfer event: analysis of high-time-resolution particle data
A. Varsani, C. J. Owen, A. N. Fazakerley, C. Forsyth, A. P. Walsh, M. André, I. Dandouras, and C. M. Carr
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1093-1117, 2014
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  08 Sep 2014
Analysis of cloud-to-ground lightning and its relation with surface pollutants over Taipei, Taiwan
S. K. Kar and Y. A. Liou
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1085-1092, 2014
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  03 Sep 2014
Waves off Gopalpur, northern Bay of Bengal during Cyclone Phailin
M. M. Amrutha, V. Sanil Kumar, T. R. Anoop, T. M. Balakrishnan Nair, A. Nherakkol, and C. Jeyakumar
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1073-1083, 2014
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  02 Sep 2014
Effect of plasma density on diffusion rates due to wave particle interactions with chorus and plasmaspheric hiss: extreme event analysis
A. Sicard-Piet, D. Boscher, R. B. Horne, N. P. Meredith, and V. Maget
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1059-1071, 2014
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  29 Aug 2014
O+ and H+ ion heat fluxes at high altitudes and high latitudes
I. A. Barghouthi, H. Nilsson, and S. H. Ghithan
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1043-1057, 2014
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  26 Aug 2014
Difference between even- and odd-numbered cycles in the predictability of solar activity and prediction of the amplitude of cycle 25
A. Yoshida
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1035-1042, 2014
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  25 Aug 2014
Ion dynamics in electron beam–plasma interaction: particle-in-cell simulations
K. Baumgärtel
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1025-1033, 2014
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  22 Aug 2014
Pre-onset auroral signatures and subsequent development of substorm auroras: a development of ionospheric loop currents at the onset latitudes
O. Saka, K. Hayashi, and M. Thomsen
Ann. Geophys., 32, 1011-1023, 2014
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  22 Aug 2014
Waves in high-speed plasmoids in the magnetosheath and at the magnetopause
H. Gunell, G. Stenberg Wieser, M. Mella, R. Maggiolo, H. Nilsson, F. Darrouzet, M. Hamrin, T. Karlsson, N. Brenning, J. De Keyser, M. André, and I. Dandouras
Ann. Geophys., 32, 991-1009, 2014
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  22 Aug 2014
Plasma wave mediated attractive potentials: a prerequisite for electron compound formation
R. A. Treumann and W. Baumjohann
Ann. Geophys., 32, 975-989, 2014
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  22 Aug 2014
The occurrence altitudes of middle atmospheric temperature inversions and mesopause over low-latitude Indian sector
M. Sivakandan, D. Kapasi, and A. Taori
Ann. Geophys., 32, 967-974, 2014
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  19 Aug 2014
Topside signature of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances
E. S. Miller, H. Kil, J. J. Makela, R. A. Heelis, E. R. Talaat, and A. Gross
Ann. Geophys., 32, 959-965, 2014
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  18 Aug 2014