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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 30, issue 9, 2012

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Intensification of dayside diffuse auroral precipitation: contribution of dayside Whistler-mode chorus waves in realistic magnetic fields   
R. Shi, D. Han, B. Ni, Z.-J. Hu, C. Zhou, and X. Gu
Page(s) 1297-1307
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  03 Sep 2012
Oxygen ion energization by waves in the high altitude cusp and mantle   
M. Waara, H. Nilsson, R. Slapak, M. André, and G. Stenberg
Page(s) 1309-1314
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  03 Sep 2012
The "step feature" of suprathermal ion distributions: a discriminator between acceleration processes?   
H. J. Fahr and H. Fichtner
Page(s) 1315-1319
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  05 Sep 2012
The effect of a gamma ray flare on Schumann resonances   
A. P. Nickolaenko, I. G. Kudintseva, O. Pechony, M. Hayakawa, Y. Hobara, and Y. T. Tanaka
Page(s) 1321-1329
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  07 Sep 2012
On the problem of Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer identification from plasma moments in Earth's magnetotail   
E. E. Grigorenko, R. Koleva, and J.-A. Sauvaud
Page(s) 1331-1343
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  11 Sep 2012
Electron density profiles in the quiet lower ionosphere based on the results of modeling and experimental data   
V. Barabash, A. Osepian, P. Dalin, and S. Kirkwood
Page(s) 1345-1360
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  13 Sep 2012
Computational and theoretical study of the wave-particle interaction of protons and waves   
P. S. Moya, A. F. Viñas, V. Muñoz, and J. A. Valdivia
Page(s) 1361-1369
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  19 Sep 2012
The equatorial ionospheric response over Tirunelveli to the 15 January 2010 annular solar eclipse: observations   
C. K. Nayak, D. Tiwari, K. Emperumal, and A. Bhattacharyya
Page(s) 1371-1377
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  25 Sep 2012
Near real-time estimation of water vapour in the troposphere using ground GNSS and the meteorological data   
J. Bosy, J. Kaplon, W. Rohm, J. Sierny, and T. Hadas
Page(s) 1379-1391
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3982 KB)   

  27 Sep 2012
Characteristics of aerosols over Hyderabad in southern Peninsular India: synergy in the classification techniques   
P. R. Sinha, D. G. Kaskaoutis, R. K. Manchanda, and S. Sreenivasan
Page(s) 1393-1410
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  27 Sep 2012
Observation of a tropopause fold by MARA VHF wind-profiler radar and ozonesonde at Wasa, Antarctica: comparison with ECMWF analysis and a WRF model simulation   
M. Mihalikova, S. Kirkwood, J. Arnault, and D. Mikhaylova
Page(s) 1411-1421
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3342 KB)   

  28 Sep 2012
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