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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 30, issue 8, 2012

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Multifractal analysis of interplanetary magnetic field obtained during CME events   
M. J. A. Bolzan and R. R. Rosa
Page(s) 1107-1112
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  01 Aug 2012
Multi-year investigations of aerosols from an island station, Port Blair, in the Bay of Bengal: climatology and source impacts   
S. Naseema Beegum, K. Krishna Moorthy, Mukunda M. Gogoi, S. Suresh Babu, and S. K. Pandey
Page(s) 1113-1127
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  08 Aug 2012
Solar flares as proxy for the young Sun: satellite observed thermosphere response to an X17.2 flare of Earth's upper atmosphere   
S. Krauss, B. Fichtinger, H. Lammer, W. Hausleitner, Yu. N. Kulikov, I. Ribas, V. I. Shematovich, D. Bisikalo, H. I. M. Lichtenegger, T. V. Zaqarashvili, M. L. Khodachenko, and A. Hanslmeier
Page(s) 1129-1141
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  09 Aug 2012
Wave influence on polar mesosphere summer echoes above Wasa: experimental and model studies   
P. Dalin, S. Kirkwood, M. Hervig, M. Mihalikova, D. Mikhaylova, I. Wolf, and A. Osepian
Page(s) 1143-1157
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 877 KB)   

  13 Aug 2012
A comparison of two different techniques for deriving the quiet day curve from SARINET riometer data   
J. Moro, C. M. Denardini, E. Correia, M. A. Abdu, N. J. Schuch, and K. Makita
Page(s) 1159-1168
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  14 Aug 2012
Plasma parameter analysis of the Langmuir decay process via Particle-in-Cell simulations   
M. A. Diaz, M. Zettergren, J. L. Semeter, and M. Oppenheim
Page(s) 1169-1183
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  16 Aug 2012
Underlying mechanisms of transient luminous events: a review   
V. V. Surkov and M. Hayakawa
Page(s) 1185-1212
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  17 Aug 2012
Simulation study of the large-scale modification of the mid-latitude F-layer by HF radio waves with different powers   
G. I. Mingaleva, V. S. Mingalev, and O. V. Mingalev
Page(s) 1213-1222
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1784 KB)   

  17 Aug 2012
Chorus wave-normal statistics in the Earth's radiation belts from ray tracing technique   
H. Breuillard, Y. Zaliznyak, V. Krasnoselskikh, O. Agapitov, A. Artemyev, and G. Rolland
Page(s) 1223-1233
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  21 Aug 2012
Environment and morphology of mesoscale convective systems associated with the Changma front during 9–10 July 2007   
J.-H. Jeong, D.-I. Lee, C.-C. Wang, S.-M. Jang, C.-H. You, and M. Jang
Page(s) 1235-1248
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4975 KB)   

  22 Aug 2012
Variations of ionospheric profile parameters during solar maximum and comparison with IRI-2007 over Chung-Li, Taiwan   
Y. J. Chuo
Page(s) 1249-1257
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3620 KB)   

  23 Aug 2012
Features of highly structured equatorial plasma irregularities deduced from CHAMP observations   
C. Xiong, H. Lühr, S. Y. Ma, C. Stolle, and B. G. Fejer
Page(s) 1259-1269
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2247 KB)   

  24 Aug 2012
Low-frequency magnetic field fluctuations in Earth's plasma environment observed by THEMIS   
L. Guicking, K.-H. Glassmeier, H.-U. Auster, Y. Narita, and G. Kleindienst
Page(s) 1271-1283
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8320 KB)   

  27 Aug 2012
Geosynchronous magnetic field responses to fast solar wind dynamic pressure enhancements: MHD field model   
T. R. Sun, C. Wang, N. L. Borodkova, and G. N. Zastenker
Page(s) 1285-1295
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 682 KB)   

  27 Aug 2012
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