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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 30, issue 6, 2012

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Study of the microphysical properties associated with the Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillation as seen from the TRMM observations   
M. Halder, P. Mukhopadhyay, and S. Halder
Page(s) 897-910
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  01 Jun 2012
Behavior of substorm auroral arcs and Pi2 waves: implication for the kinetic ballooning instability   
T. F. Chang, C. Z. Cheng, C. Y. Chiang, and A. B. Chen
Page(s) 911-926
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  04 Jun 2012
On the relaxation of magnetospheric convection when Bz turns northward   
M. C. Kelley
Page(s) 927-928
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 391 KB)   

  04 Jun 2012
Electron radiation belt data assimilation with an ensemble Kalman filter relying on the Salammbô code   
S. A. Bourdarie and V. F. Maget
Page(s) 929-943
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1159 KB)   

  08 Jun 2012
Momentum flux determination using the multi-beam Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar   
M. J. Nicolls, D. C. Fritts, D. Janches, and C. J. Heinselman
Page(s) 945-962
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4547 KB)   

  11 Jun 2012
Estimating the geoeffectiveness of halo CMEs from associated solar and IP parameters using neural networks   
J. Uwamahoro, L. A. McKinnell, and J. B. Habarulema
Page(s) 963-972
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 388 KB)   

  12 Jun 2012
Predictive model of magnetosheath plasma flow and its validation against Cluster and THEMIS data   
J. Soucek and C. P. Escoubet
Page(s) 973-982
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3455 KB)   

  12 Jun 2012
Spectral characteristics and scatter cross-section of low latitude mesospheric echoes measured by the Indian MST radar at Gadanki   
E. Belova, S. Kirkwood, T. Narayana Rao, S. Satheesh Kumar, and T. Sergienko
Page(s) 983-990
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2092 KB)   

  27 Jun 2012
Variability of MLT winds and waves over mid-latitude during the 2000/2001 and 2009/2010 winter stratospheric sudden warming   
X. Chen, X. Hu, and C. Xiao
Page(s) 991-1001
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1192 KB)   

  28 Jun 2012
Energetic electrons along the high-latitude magnetopause   
B. M. Walsh, S. E. Haaland, P. W. Daly, E. A. Kronberg, and T. A. Fritz
Page(s) 1003-1013
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 9201 KB)   

  28 Jun 2012
Topological skeleton of the 2-D slightly non-ideal MHD system close to X-type magnetic null points – an analysis of the general solution for the generic case   
D. H. Nickeler, M. Karlický, and M. Bárta
Page(s) 1015-1023
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 687 KB)   

  29 Jun 2012
Spatial distribution of rolled up Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices at Earth's dayside and flank magnetopause   
M. G. G. T. Taylor, H. Hasegawa, B. Lavraud, T. Phan, C. P. Escoubet, M. W. Dunlop, Y. V. Bogdanova, A. L. Borg, M. Volwerk, J. Berchem, O. D. Constantinescu, J. P. Eastwood, A. Masson, H. Laakso, J. Soucek, A. N. Fazakerley, H. U. Frey, E. V. Panov, C. Shen, J. K. Shi, D. G. Sibeck, Z. Y. Pu, J. Wang, and J. A. Wild
Page(s) 1025-1035
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1506 KB)   

  29 Jun 2012
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