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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 30, issue 10, 2012

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Variations of the ionospheric TEC using simultaneous measurements from the China Crustal Movement Observation Network   
Y. W. Wu, R. Y. Liu, B. C. Zhang, Z. S. Wu, J. S. Ping, J. M. Liu, and Z. J. Hu
Page(s) 1423-1433
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  01 Oct 2012
The unusual persistence of an ozone hole over a southern mid-latitude station during the Antarctic spring 2009: a multi-instrument study   
E. A. Wolfram, J. Salvador, F. Orte, R. D'Elia, S. Godin-Beekmann, J. Kuttippurath, A. Pazmiño, F. Goutail, C. Casiccia, F. Zamorano, N. Paes Leme, and E. J. Quel
Page(s) 1435-1449
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  02 Oct 2012
Interball-1 observations of flux transfer events   
G. I. Korotova, D. G. Sibeck, and V. I. Petrov
Page(s) 1451-1462
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  04 Oct 2012
Characteristics of mid-latitude planetary waves in the lower atmosphere derived from radiosonde data   
R. Wang, S. D. Zhang, H. G. Yang, and K. M. Huang
Page(s) 1463-1477
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  04 Oct 2012
Study of MODIS derived AOD at three different locations in the Indo Gangetic Plain: Kanpur, Gandhi College and Nainital   
P. Choudhry, A. Misra, and S. N. Tripathi
Page(s) 1479-1493
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  05 Oct 2012
Electron loss and meteoric dust in the mesosphere   
M. Friedrich, M. Rapp, T. Blix, U.-P. Hoppe, K. Torkar, S. Robertson, S. Dickson, and K. Lynch
Page(s) 1495-1501
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  05 Oct 2012
Deterministic nature of the underlying dynamics of surface wind fluctuations   
R. C. Sreelekshmi, K. Asokan, and K. Satheesh Kumar
Page(s) 1503-1514
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  08 Oct 2012
Collisionless reconnection: magnetic field line interaction   
R. A. Treumann, W. Baumjohann, and W. D. Gonzalez
Page(s) 1515-1528
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  09 Oct 2012
Planetary waves in the upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere during 2009 Arctic major stratospheric warming   
P. Kishore, I. Velicogna, M. Venkat Ratnam, J. H. Jiang, and G. N. Madhavi
Page(s) 1529-1538
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  10 Oct 2012
The pulsed nature of the nightside contribution to polar cap convection: repetitive substorm activity under steady interplanetary driving   
P. E. Sandholt, Y. L. Andalsvik, and C. J. Farrugia
Page(s) 1539-1553
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  12 Oct 2012
High-precision measurement of satellite velocity using the EISCAT radar   
T. Nygrén, J. Markkanen, A. Aikio, and M. Voiculescu
Page(s) 1555-1565
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  24 Oct 2012
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