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ANGEO – Volume 29, issue 7, 2011

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Meteor radar measurements of MLT winds near the equatorial electro jet region over Thumba (8.5° N, 77° E): comparison with TIDI observations   
S. R. John, Karanam Kishore Kumar, K. V. Subrahmanyam, G. Manju, and Q. Wu
Page(s) 1209-1214
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  01 Jul 2011
The choice of the concept of magnetic field lines or of electric current lines: Alfvén medal lecture   
S.-I. Akasofu
Page(s) 1215-1232
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  04 Jul 2011
Magnetospheric mapping of the dayside UV auroral oval at Saturn using simultaneous HST images, Cassini IMF data, and a global magnetic field model   
E. S. Belenkaya, S. W. H. Cowley, J. D. Nichols, M. S. Blokhina, and V. V. Kalegaev
Page(s) 1233-1246
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  08 Jul 2011
Characteristics of a persistent "pool of inhibited cloudiness" and its genesis over the Bay of Bengal associated with the Asian summer monsoon   
Anish Kumar M. Nair, K. Rajeev, S. Sijikumar, and S. Meenu
Page(s) 1247-1252
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  13 Jul 2011
Electric field variability and classifications of Titan's magnetoplasma environment   
C. S. Arridge, N. Achilleos, and P. Guio
Page(s) 1253-1258
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  19 Jul 2011
Relativistic transformation of phase-space distributions   
R. A. Treumann, R. Nakamura, and W. Baumjohann
Page(s) 1259-1265
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  19 Jul 2011
Investigation of the response time of the equatorial ionosphere in context of the equatorial electrojet and equatorial ionization anomaly   
L. Jose, S. Ravindran, C. Vineeth, T. K. Pant, and S. Alex
Page(s) 1267-1275
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  19 Jul 2011
The efficiency of mechanisms driving Subauroral Polarization Streams (SAPS)   
H. Wang and H. Lühr
Page(s) 1277-1286
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  20 Jul 2011
Remote sensing planetary waves in the midlatitude mesosphere using low frequency transmitter signals   
E. D. Schmitter
Page(s) 1287-1293
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  20 Jul 2011
Using Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA) to calibrate probabilistic surface temperature forecasts over Iran   
I. Soltanzadeh, M. Azadi, and G. A. Vakili
Page(s) 1295-1303
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  21 Jul 2011
IMF By effects in the plasma flow at the polar cap boundary   
R. Lukianova and A. Kozlovsky
Page(s) 1305-1315
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  22 Jul 2011
Revising the retrieval technique of a long-term stratospheric HNO3 data set: from a constrained matrix inversion to the optimal estimation algorithm   
I. Fiorucci, G. Muscari, and R. L. de Zafra
Page(s) 1317-1330
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 419 KB)   

  27 Jul 2011
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