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ANGEO – Volume 29, issue 6, 2011

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Data derived NARMAX Dst model   
R. J. Boynton, M. A. Balikhin, S. A. Billings, A. S. Sharma, and O. A. Amariutei
Page(s) 965-971
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 701 KB)   Special issue

  01 Jun 2011
Measurements of aerosol intensive properties over Visakhapatnam, India for 2007   
K. Niranjan, B. Spandana, T. Anjana Devi, V. Sreekanth, and B. L. Madhavan
Page(s) 973-985
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 951 KB)   

  10 Jun 2011
On the effect of IMF turning on ion dynamics at Mercury   
D. C. Delcourt, T. E. Moore, and M.-C. H. Fok
Page(s) 987-996
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4174 KB)   

  10 Jun 2011
Instability of combined gravity-inertial-Rossby waves in atmospheres and oceans   
J. F. McKenzie
Page(s) 997-1003
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  15 Jun 2011
The correlation between solar and geomagnetic activity – Part 3: An integral response model   
Z. L. Du
Page(s) 1005-1018
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  15 Jun 2011
On the influence of CMEs on the global 3-D coronal electron density   
M. Kramar, J. Davila, H. Xie, and S. Antiochos
Page(s) 1019-1028
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1118 KB)   Special issue

  15 Jun 2011
MHD waves generated by high-frequency photospheric vortex motions   
V. Fedun, S. Shelyag, G. Verth, M. Mathioudakis, and R. Erdélyi
Page(s) 1029-1035
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3055 KB)   Special issue

  16 Jun 2011
Average properties and small-scale variations of the mesospheric Na and Fe layers as observed simultaneously by two closely colocated lidars at 30° N   
L. Chen and F. Yi
Page(s) 1037-1048
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  16 Jun 2011
Cluster observations of trapped ions interacting with magnetosheath mirror modes   
J. Soucek and C. P. Escoubet
Page(s) 1049-1060
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 558 KB)   Special issue

  16 Jun 2011
Corrigendum to "Downward auroral currents from the reconnection Hall-region", published in Ann. Geophys., 29, 679–685, 2011   
R. A. Treumann, R. Nakamura, and W. Baumjohann
Page(s) 1061-1061
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 242 KB)   Corresponding article   

  17 Jun 2011
Longitudinal study of the ionospheric response to the geomagnetic storm of 15 May 2005 and manifestation of TADs   
S. Sharma, P. Galav, N. Dashora, and R. Pandey
Page(s) 1063-1070
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 959 KB)   

  17 Jun 2011
Hybrid models of solar wind plasma heating   
L. Ofman, A.-F. Viñas, and P. S. Moya
Page(s) 1071-1079
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 823 KB)   Special issue

  20 Jun 2011
Volume cross section of auroral radar backscatter and RMS plasma fluctuations inferred from coherent and incoherent scatter data: a response on backscatter volume parameters   
M. V. Uspensky, P. Janhunen, A. V. Koustov, and K. Kauristie
Page(s) 1081-1092
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2117 KB)   

  22 Jun 2011
New insights into the stratospheric and mesosphere-lower thermospheric ozone response to the abrupt changes in solar forcing   
Karanam Kishore Kumar, K. V. Subrahmanyam, and Sherine Rachel John
Page(s) 1093-1099
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 616 KB)   

  22 Jun 2011
Polarisation in the auroral red line during coordinated EISCAT Svalbard Radar/optical experiments   
M. Barthélémy, J. Lilensten, F. Pitout, C. Simon Wedlund, R. Thissen, D. Lorentzen, F. Sigernes, J. Moen, G. Gronoff, I. McCrea, H. Rothkael, H. Ménager, and A. Aruliah
Page(s) 1101-1112
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3516 KB)   

  22 Jun 2011
Could periodic patterns in human mortality be sensitive to solar activity?   
R. Díaz-Sandoval, R. Erdélyi, and R. Maheswaran
Page(s) 1113-1120
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2226 KB)   Special issue

  25 Jun 2011
Flux quanta, magnetic field lines, merging – some sub-microscale relations of interest in space plasma physics   
R. A. Treumann, R. Nakamura, and W. Baumjohann
Page(s) 1121-1127
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 871 KB)   

  25 Jun 2011
The role of the bow shock in solar wind-magnetosphere coupling   
R. E. Lopez, V. G. Merkin, and J. G. Lyon
Page(s) 1129-1135
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 585 KB)   Special issue

  25 Jun 2011
Comment on "The PC index: review of methods", by McCreadie and Menvielle (2010)   
P. Stauning
Page(s) 1137-1146
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2369 KB)   Corresponding article   Reply   

  25 Jun 2011
Excitation of zero-frequency magnetic field-aligned currents by ionospheric heating   
A. V. Streltsov and T. R. Pedersen
Page(s) 1147-1152
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1907 KB)   

  27 Jun 2011
Steady-frequency waves at intradiurnal periods from simultaneous co-located microbarometer and seismometer measurements: a case study   
G. M. Shved, N. V. Karpova, L. N. Petrova, E. G. Orlov, and S. I. Ermolenko
Page(s) 1153-1167
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2298 KB)   

  29 Jun 2011
Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices and secondary instabilities in super-magnetosonic regimes   
F. Palermo, M. Faganello, F. Califano, and F. Pegoraro
Page(s) 1169-1178
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5923 KB)   Special issue

  29 Jun 2011
On the nature of particle energization via resonant wave-particle interaction in the inhomogeneous magnetospheric plasma   
D. R. Shklyar
Page(s) 1179-1188
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 428 KB)   

  29 Jun 2011
Fractional baud-length coding   
J. Vierinen
Page(s) 1189-1196
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1069 KB)   

  30 Jun 2011
Meteor head echo polarization at 930 MHz studied with the EISCAT UHF HPLA radar   
G. Wannberg, A. Westman, and A. Pellinen-Wannberg
Page(s) 1197-1208
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 7073 KB)   

  30 Jun 2011
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