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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 28, issue 9, 2010

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The large-scale magnetospheric electric field observed by Double Star TC-1   
Z. H. He, Z. X. Liu, T. Chen, C. Shen, X. Li, C. Carr, and H. Rème
Page(s) 1625-1631
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  03 Sep 2010
Thermospheric mass density variations during geomagnetic storms and a prediction model based on the merging electric field   
R. Liu, H. Lühr, E. Doornbos, and S.-Y. Ma
Page(s) 1633-1645
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  03 Sep 2010
Comparing plasma bubble occurrence rates at CHAMP and GRACE altitudes during high and low solar activity   
C. Xiong, J. Park, H. Lühr, C. Stolle, and S. Y. Ma
Page(s) 1647-1658
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  06 Sep 2010
Estimating the location of the open-closed magnetic field line boundary from auroral images   
N. Longden, G. Chisham, M. P. Freeman, G. A. Abel, and T. Sotirelis
Page(s) 1659-1678
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  10 Sep 2010
Study on the layered dusty plasma structures in the summer polar mesopause   
Hui Li, Jian Wu, Jun Wu, Zheng-Wen Xu, and Bin Xu
Page(s) 1679-1686
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  20 Sep 2010
Magnetic helicity of a flux rope in the magnetotail: THEMIS results   
Y. C. Zhang, C. Shen, Z. X. Liu, and Y. Narita
Page(s) 1687-1693
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5997 KB)   

  20 Sep 2010
Cluster-C1 observations on the geometrical structure of linear magnetic holes in the solar wind at 1 AU   
T. Xiao, Q. Q. Shi, T. L. Zhang, S. Y. Fu, L. Li, Q. G. Zong, Z. Y. Pu, L. Xie, W. J. Sun, Z. X. Liu, E. Lucek, and H. Reme
Page(s) 1695-1702
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 352 KB)   

  20 Sep 2010
Empirically modelled Pc3 activity based on solar wind parameters   
B. Heilig, S. Lotz, J. Verő, P. Sutcliffe, J. Reda, K. Pajunpää, and T. Raita
Page(s) 1703-1722
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 798 KB)   

  22 Sep 2010
Observations and modelling of the wave mode evolution of an impulse-driven 3 mHz ULF wave   
J. D. Borderick, T. K. Yeoman, C. L. Waters, and D. M. Wright
Page(s) 1723-1735
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 18371 KB)   

  22 Sep 2010
On spurious instabilities on the β-planes with no mean flows   
N. Paldor
Page(s) 1737-1739
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  24 Sep 2010
Features of the F3 layer occurrence over the equatorial location of Trivandrum   
V. Sreeja, S. Ravindran, and T. K. Pant
Page(s) 1741-1747
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1411 KB)   

  24 Sep 2010
Ray tracing analysis of L mode pumping of the ionosphere, with implications for the magnetic zenith effect   
E. Nordblad and T. B. Leyser
Page(s) 1749-1759
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 616 KB)   

  28 Sep 2010
Spatial distribution of spectral parameters of high latitude geomagnetic disturbances in the Pc5/Pi3 frequency range   
N. V. Yagova, V. A. Pilipenko, L. N. Baransky, and M. J. Engebretson
Page(s) 1761-1775
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1370 KB)   

  28 Sep 2010
Effect of ionospheric depth on the ionospheric feedback instability: cutoff and subsequent E|| modes   
R. Cosgrove and R. Doe
Page(s) 1777-1794
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 744 KB)   

  30 Sep 2010
Interpolation of externally-caused magnetic fields over large sparse arrays using Spherical Elementary Current Systems   
S. A. McLay and C. D. Beggan
Page(s) 1795-1805
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1792 KB)   

  30 Sep 2010
Remote auroral activity detection and modeling using low frequency transmitter signal reception at a midlatitude site   
E. D. Schmitter
Page(s) 1807-1811
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2717 KB)   

  30 Sep 2010
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