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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 28, issue 7, 2010

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Electromagnetic oscillations of the Earth's upper atmosphere (review)   
A. G. Khantadze, G. V. Jandieri, A. Ishimaru, T. D. Kaladze, and Zh. M. Diasamidze
Page(s) 1387-1399
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  01 Jul 2010
Seasonal and local time variability of ripples from airglow imager observations in US and Japan   
J. Yue, T. Nakamura, C.-Y. She, M. Weber, W. Lyons, and T. Li
Page(s) 1401-1408
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  02 Jul 2010
Calculation of signal spectrum by means of stochastic inversion   
T. Nygrén and Th. Ulich
Page(s) 1409-1418
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  06 Jul 2010
Some characteristics of large-scale travelling ionospheric disturbances and a relationship between the F2 layer height rises of these disturbances and equatorial pre-sunrise events   
G. G. Bowman and I. K. Mortimer
Page(s) 1419-1430
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  12 Jul 2010
Developing an ionospheric map for South Africa   
D. I. Okoh, L. A. McKinnell, and P. J. Cilliers
Page(s) 1431-1439
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  12 Jul 2010
Influence of turbidity and clouds on satellite total ozone data over Madrid (Spain)   
J. L. Camacho, M. Antón, D. Loyola, and E. Hernandez
Page(s) 1441-1448
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  14 Jul 2010
Ionospheric storms at geophysically-equivalent sites – Part 2: Local time storm patterns for sub-auroral ionospheres   
M. Mendillo and C. Narvaez
Page(s) 1449-1462
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  15 Jul 2010
Size of the coming solar cycle 24 based on Ohl's Precursor Method, final estimate   
R. P. Kane
Page(s) 1463-1466
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  16 Jul 2010
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