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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 28, issue 11, 2010

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Tropical connection to the polar stratospheric sudden warming through quasi 16-day planetary wave   
C. Vineeth, T. K. Pant, K. K. Kumar, and S. G. Sumod
Page(s) 2007-2013
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  05 Nov 2010
Polar cap flow channel events: spontaneous and driven responses   
P. E. Sandholt, Y. Andalsvik, and C. J. Farrugia
Page(s) 2015-2025
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5999 KB)   

  05 Nov 2010
Monopolar and bipolar auroral electric fields and their effects   
J. De Keyser, R. Maggiolo, and M. Echim
Page(s) 2027-2046
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1813 KB)   

  09 Nov 2010
Cloud-to-ground lightning over Mexico and adjacent oceanic regions: a preliminary climatology using the WWLLN dataset   
B. Kucieńska, G. B. Raga, and O. Rodríguez
Page(s) 2047-2057
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3295 KB)   

  09 Nov 2010
Equatorial spread F fossil plumes   
J. Krall, J. D. Huba, S. L. Ossakow, and G. Joyce
Page(s) 2059-2069
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  09 Nov 2010
Daytime sodium airglow emission measurements over Trivandrum using a scanning monochromator: first results   
M. M. Hossain, T. K. Pant, C. Vineeth, S. G. Sumod, and R. Sridharan
Page(s) 2071-2077
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 567 KB)   

  09 Nov 2010
Averaging and sampling for magnetic-observatory hourly data   
J. J. Love, V. C. Tsai, and J. L. Gannon
Page(s) 2079-2096
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 12174 KB)   

  12 Nov 2010
Duskside F-region dynamo currents: its relationship with prereversal enhancement of vertical plasma drift   
J. Park, H. Lühr, B. G. Fejer, and K. W. Min
Page(s) 2097-2101
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  12 Nov 2010
Estimates of eddy turbulence consistent with seasonal variations of atomic oxygen and its possible role in the seasonal cycle of mesopause temperature   
M. N. Vlasov and M. C. Kelley
Page(s) 2103-2110
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 343 KB)   

  18 Nov 2010
Corrigendum to "ULF geomagnetic pulsations at different latitudes in Antarctica", published in Ann. Geophys., 27, 3621–3629, 2009   
P. Francia, M. De Lauretis, M. Vellante, U. Villante, and A. Piancatelli
Page(s) 2111-2111
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1911 KB)   Corresponding article   

  19 Nov 2010
Resistive MHD reconstruction of two-dimensional coherent structures in space   
W.-L. Teh, B. U. Ö. Sonnerup, J. Birn, and R. E. Denton
Page(s) 2113-2125
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3535 KB)   

  24 Nov 2010
Recent progresses in relativistic beam-plasma instability theory   
A. Bret, M. E. Dieckmann, and L. Gremillet
Page(s) 2127-2132
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2169 KB)   Special issue

  24 Nov 2010
Tropospheric forcing of the boreal polar vortex splitting in January 2003   
D. H. W. Peters, P. Vargin, A. Gabriel, N. Tsvetkova, and V. Yushkov
Page(s) 2133-2148
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2197 KB)   

  26 Nov 2010
Seasonal stratospheric intrusion of ozone in the upper troposphere over India   
S. Fadnavis, T. Chakraborty, and G. Beig
Page(s) 2149-2159
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 815 KB)   

  26 Nov 2010
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