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ANGEO – Volume 28, issue 1, 2010

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Temperature decrease in the extratropics of South America in response to a tropical forcing during the austral winter   
G. V. Müller
Page(s) 1-9
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  08 Jan 2010
Role of mixed precipitating cloud systems on the typhoon rainfall   
C. J. Pan, K. Krishna Reddy, H. C. Lai, and S. S. Yang
Page(s) 11-16
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  08 Jan 2010
Observed development of the vertical structure of the marine boundary layer during the LASIE experiment in the Ligurian Sea   
A. M. Sempreviva, M. E. Schiano, S. Pensieri, A. Semedo, R. Tomé, R. Bozzano, M. Borghini, F. Grasso, L. L. Soerensen, J. Teixeira, and C. Transerici
Page(s) 17-25
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  08 Jan 2010
Global estimates of plasmaspheric losses during moderate disturbance intervals   
M. Spasojevic and B. R. Sandel
Page(s) 27-36
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  13 Jan 2010
Whistler intensities above thunderstorms   
J. Fiser, J. Chum, G. Diendorfer, M. Parrot, and O. Santolik
Page(s) 37-46
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  13 Jan 2010
Coherence between radar observations of magnetospheric field line resonances and discrete oscillations in the solar wind   
J. A. E. Stephenson and A. D. M. Walker
Page(s) 47-59
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  13 Jan 2010
Atmospheric composition forecasting in Europe   
L. Menut and B. Bessagnet
Page(s) 61-74
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  14 Jan 2010
The Empirical Forcing Function as a tool for the diagnosis of large-scale atmospheric anomalies   
C. Andrade, J. A. Santos, J. G. Pinto, J. Corte-Real, and S. Leite
Page(s) 75-87
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1469 KB)   

  15 Jan 2010
Study of Atmospheric Forcing and Responses (SAFAR) campaign: overview   
A. Jayaraman, M. Venkat Ratnam, A. K. Patra, T. Narayana Rao, S. Sridharan, M. Rajeevan, H. Gadhavi, A. P. Kesarkar, P. Srinivasulu, and K. Raghunath
Page(s) 89-101
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 772 KB)   

  18 Jan 2010
Absorbing aerosols: contribution of biomass burning and implications for radiative forcing   
H. Gadhavi and A. Jayaraman
Page(s) 103-111
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  18 Jan 2010
The exchange across the tropical tropopause in overshooting convective cores   
T. N. Rao, B. Radhakrishna, T. Mohan Satyanarayana, and S. Satheesh Kumar
Page(s) 113-122
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  18 Jan 2010
Distortions of the magnetic field by storm-time current systems in Earth's magnetosphere   
N. Yu. Ganushkina, M. W. Liemohn, M. V. Kubyshkina, R. Ilie, and H. J. Singer
Page(s) 123-140
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 27212 KB)   

  18 Jan 2010
Wind profiler observations on orographic effects of typhoon wind structure modification over Taiwan (120.38° E, 22.6° N)   
C. J. Pan, K. Krishna Reddy, H. C. Lai, S. S. Yang, and C. J. Wong
Page(s) 141-147
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  18 Jan 2010
Estimation of width and inclination of a filament sheet using He II 304 Å observations by STEREO/EUVI   
S. Gosain and B. Schmieder
Page(s) 149-153
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1142 KB)   Special issue

  18 Jan 2010
Characteristics of the near-surface turbulence during a bora event   
Ž. Večenaj, D. Belušić, and B. Grisogono
Page(s) 155-163
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1130 KB)   

  19 Jan 2010
Storm-time related mass density anomalies in the polar cap as observed by CHAMP   
R. Liu, H. Lühr, and S.-Y. Ma
Page(s) 165-180
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1368 KB)   

  19 Jan 2010
Electronic kinetics of molecular nitrogen and molecular oxygen in high-latitude lower thermosphere and mesosphere   
A. S. Kirillov
Page(s) 181-192
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1095 KB)   

  20 Jan 2010
Characteristics of VLF atmospherics near the resonance frequency of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide 1.6–2.3 kHz by observations in the auroral region   
A. A. Ostapenko, E. E. Titova, A. P. Nickolaenko, T. Turunen, J. Manninen, and T. Raita
Page(s) 193-202
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4035 KB)   

  20 Jan 2010
On the 3-D reconstruction of Coronal Mass Ejections using coronagraph data   
M. Mierla, B. Inhester, A. Antunes, Y. Boursier, J. P. Byrne, R. Colaninno, J. Davila, C. A. de Koning, P. T. Gallagher, S. Gissot, R. A. Howard, T. A. Howard, M. Kramar, P. Lamy, P. C. Liewer, S. Maloney, C. Marqué, R. T. J. McAteer, T. Moran, L. Rodriguez, N. Srivastava, O. C. St. Cyr, G. Stenborg, M. Temmer, A. Thernisien, A. Vourlidas, M. J. West, B. E. Wood, and A. N. Zhukov
Page(s) 203-215
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 662 KB)   Special issue

  20 Jan 2010
Error analysis of Abel retrieved electron density profiles from radio occultation measurements   
X. Yue, W. S. Schreiner, J. Lei, S. V. Sokolovskiy, C. Rocken, D. C. Hunt, and Y.-H. Kuo
Page(s) 217-222
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 903 KB)   

  21 Jan 2010
Solid charged-core model of ball lightning   
D. B. Muldrew
Page(s) 223-232
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1696 KB)   

  22 Jan 2010
Statistics of counter-streaming solar wind suprathermal electrons at solar minimum: STEREO observations   
B. Lavraud, A. Opitz, J. T. Gosling, A. P. Rouillard, K. Meziane, J.-A. Sauvaud, A. Fedorov, I. Dandouras, V. Génot, C. Jacquey, P. Louarn, C. Mazelle, E. Penou, D. E. Larson, J. G. Luhmann, P. Schroeder, L. Jian, C. T. Russell, C. Foullon, R. M. Skoug, J. T. Steinberg, K. D. Simunac, and A. B. Galvin
Page(s) 233-246
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2830 KB)   Special issue

  22 Jan 2010
Geomagnetic disturbances on ground associated with particle precipitation during SC   
V. Safargaleev, A. Kozlovsky, F. Honary, A. Voronin, and T. Turunen
Page(s) 247-265
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1467 KB)   

  22 Jan 2010
Mesosphere and lower thermosphere temperature anomalies during the 2002 Antarctic stratospheric warming event   
S. M. I. Azeem, E. R. Talaat, G. G. Sivjee, and J.-H. Yee
Page(s) 267-276
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 885 KB)   

  25 Jan 2010
Impact of the Southeast Asian summer monsoon strength on the outflow of aerosols from South Asia   
L. Zhang, H. Liao, and J. Li
Page(s) 277-287
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 15076 KB)   Special issue

  25 Jan 2010
EPSAT-SG: a satellite method for precipitation estimation; its concepts and implementation for the AMMA experiment   
J. C. Bergès, I. Jobard, F. Chopin, and R. Roca
Page(s) 289-308
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4161 KB)   

  27 Jan 2010
Comparison of eight years magnetic field data from Cluster with Tsyganenko models in the inner magnetosphere   
Q.-H. Zhang, M. W. Dunlop, R. Holme, and E. E. Woodfield
Page(s) 309-326
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 14252 KB)   

  29 Jan 2010
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