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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 27, issue 9, 2009

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Small-scale characteristics of extremely high latitude aurora   
J. A. Cumnock, L. G. Blomberg, A. Kullen, T. Karlsson, and K. Å. T. Sundberg
Page(s) 3335-3347
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6295 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
Real-time 3-D hybrid simulation of Titan's plasma interaction during a solar wind excursion   
S. Simon
Page(s) 3349-3365
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6384 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
Electrodynamics of an omega-band as deduced from optical and magnetometer data   
H. Vanhamäki, K. Kauristie, O. Amm, A. Senior, D. Lummerzheim, and S. Milan
Page(s) 3367-3385
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1791 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
Vertical and interhemispheric links in the stratosphere-mesosphere as revealed by the day-to-day variability of Aura-MLS temperature data   
X. Xu, A. H. Manson, C. E. Meek, T. Chshyolkova, J. R. Drummond, C. M. Hall, D. M. Riggin, and R. E. Hibbins
Page(s) 3387-3409
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2812 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
First simultaneous lidar observations of sodium layers and VHF radar observations of E-region field-aligned irregularities at the low-latitude station Gadanki   
S. Sridharan, A. K. Patra, N. Venkateswara Rao, and G. Ramkumar
Page(s) 3411-3419
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1352 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
Characteristics of variations in the ground magnetic field during substorms at mid latitudes   
K. L. Turnbull, J. A. Wild, F. Honary, A. W. P. Thomson, and A. J. McKay
Page(s) 3421-3428
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 515 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
Climatology of GPS ionospheric scintillations over high and mid-latitude European regions   
L. Spogli, L. Alfonsi, G. De Franceschi, V. Romano, M. H. O. Aquino, and A. Dodson
Page(s) 3429-3437
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5977 KB)   

  01 Sep 2009
Light absorption by pollution, dust, and biomass burning aerosols: a global model study and evaluation with AERONET measurements   
Mian Chin, T. Diehl, O. Dubovik, T. F. Eck, B. N. Holben, A. Sinyuk, and D. G. Streets
Page(s) 3439-3464
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8043 KB)   Special issue

  02 Sep 2009
Resonance scattering by auroral N2+: steady state theory and observations from Svalbard   
O. Jokiaho, B. S. Lanchester, and N. Ivchenko
Page(s) 3465-3478
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2389 KB)   

  04 Sep 2009
Deriving the radial distances of wide coronal mass ejections from elongation measurements in the heliosphere – application to CME-CME interaction   
N. Lugaz, A. Vourlidas, and I. I. Roussev
Page(s) 3479-3488
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6482 KB)   Special issue

  22 Sep 2009
Planetary waves and vortex structures in the ionosphere   
A. G. Khantadze, G. V. Jandieri, A. Ishimaru, and V. G. Jandieri
Page(s) 3489-3495
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 308 KB)   

  22 Sep 2009
Schumann resonance frequency variations observed in magnetotelluric data recorded from Garhwal Himalayan region India   
R. Chand, M. Israil, and J. Rai
Page(s) 3497-3507
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1081 KB)   

  23 Sep 2009
Aerosol events in the broader Mediterranean basin based on 7-year (2000–2007) MODIS C005 data   
A. Gkikas, N. Hatzianastassiou, and N. Mihalopoulos
Page(s) 3509-3522
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4607 KB)   Special issue

  23 Sep 2009
Latitudinal profile of the ionospheric disturbance dynamo magnetic signature: comparison with the DP2 magnetic disturbance   
K. Z. Zaka, A. T. Kobea, P. Assamoi, O. K. Obrou, V. Doumbia, K. Boka, B. J.-P. Adohi, and N. M. Mene
Page(s) 3523-3536
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2116 KB)   

  24 Sep 2009
Plasma boundary variability at Mars as observed by Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Express   
N. J. T. Edberg, D. A. Brain, M. Lester, S. W. H. Cowley, R. Modolo, M. Fränz, and S. Barabash
Page(s) 3537-3550
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 807 KB)   

  25 Sep 2009
Solar off-limb line widths with SUMER: revised value of the non-thermal velocity and new results   
L. Dolla and J. Solomon
Page(s) 3551-3558
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1696 KB)   Special issue

  25 Sep 2009
On the triggering of auroral substorms by northward turnings of the interplanetary magnetic field   
J. A. Wild, E. E. Woodfield, and S. K. Morley
Page(s) 3559-3570
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1340 KB)   Special issue

  25 Sep 2009
Fog deposition to a Tillandsia carpet in the Atacama Desert   
A. Westbeld, O. Klemm, F. Grießbaum, E. Sträter, H. Larrain, P. Osses, and P. Cereceda
Page(s) 3571-3576
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3187 KB)   

  25 Sep 2009
Plasma transport in the magnetotail lobes   
S. Haaland, B. Lybekk, K. Svenes, A. Pedersen, M. Förster, H. Vaith, and R. Torbert
Page(s) 3577-3590
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 719 KB)   

  28 Sep 2009
Cluster spacecraft observations of a ULF wave enhanced by Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar (SPEAR)   
S. V. Badman, D. M. Wright, L. B. N. Clausen, R. C. Fear, T. R. Robinson, and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 3591-3599
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4335 KB)   

  28 Sep 2009
Missing data and the accuracy of magnetic-observatory hour means   
J. J. Love
Page(s) 3601-3610
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 555 KB)   

  29 Sep 2009
Systematic lidar observations of Saharan dust layers over Athens, Greece in the frame of EARLINET project (2004–2006)   
A. Papayannis, R. E. Mamouri, V. Amiridis, S. Kazadzis, C. Pérez, G. Tsaknakis, P. Kokkalis, and J. M. Baldasano
Page(s) 3611-3620
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 689 KB)   Special issue

  29 Sep 2009
ULF geomagnetic pulsations at different latitudes in Antarctica   
P. Francia, M. De Lauretis, M. Vellante, U. Villante, and A. Piancatelli
Page(s) 3621-3629
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4094 KB)   Corrigendum   

  29 Sep 2009
Multi-scale forcing and the formation of subtropical desert and monsoon   
G. X. Wu, Y. Liu, X. Zhu, W. Li, R. Ren, A. Duan, and X. Liang
Page(s) 3631-3644
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 18255 KB)   Special issue

  29 Sep 2009
Climatology of planetary wave type oscillations with periods of 2–20 days derived from O2 atmospheric and OH(6-2) airglow observations at mid-latitude with SATI   
M. J. López-González, E. Rodríguez, M. García-Comas, V. Costa, M. G. Shepherd, G. G. Shepherd, V. M. Aushev, and S. Sargoytchev
Page(s) 3645-3662
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2574 KB)   

  30 Sep 2009
Transient teleconnection event at the onset of a planet-encircling dust storm on Mars   
O. Martínez-Alvarado, L. Montabone, S. R. Lewis, I. M. Moroz, and P. L. Read
Page(s) 3663-3676
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 741 KB)   Special issue

  30 Sep 2009
On acceleration of <1 MeV/n He ions in the corotating compression regions near 1 AU: STEREO observations   
R. Bučík, U. Mall, A. Korth, and G. M. Mason
Page(s) 3677-3690
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2627 KB)   Special issue

  30 Sep 2009
Aerosol and rainfall variability over the Indian monsoon region: distributions, trends and coupling   
R. Gautam, N. C. Hsu, K.-M. Lau, and M. Kafatos
Page(s) 3691-3703
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1328 KB)   Special issue

  30 Sep 2009
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