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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 27, issue 12, 2009

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Deriving solar transient characteristics from single spacecraft STEREO/HI elongation variations: a theoretical assessment of the technique   
A. O. Williams, J. A. Davies, S. E. Milan, A. P. Rouillard, C. J. Davis, C. H. Perry, and R. A. Harrison
Page(s) 4359-4368
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  01 Dec 2009
Inverse reconstruction technique based on time-dependent Petschek-type reconnection model: first application to THEMIS magnetotail observations   
V. Ivanova, J. Liu, S. Kiehas, V. Semenov, and H. Biernat
Page(s) 4369-4377
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  02 Dec 2009
Modelling of mirror mode structures as propagating slow magnetosonic solitons   
K. Stasiewicz and C. Z. Cheng
Page(s) 4379-4389
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  02 Dec 2009
The response of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system to a sudden dynamic pressure enhancement under southward IMF conditions   
Y Yu and A. J. Ridley
Page(s) 4391-4407
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  02 Dec 2009
Determination of the electron temperature in the modified ionosphere over HAARP using the HF pumped Stimulated Brillouin Scatter (SBS) emission lines   
P. A. Bernhardt, C. A. Selcher, R. H. Lehmberg, S. Rodriguez, J. Thomason, M. McCarrick, and G. Frazer
Page(s) 4409-4427
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  04 Dec 2009
Polarization properties of Gendrin mode waves observed in the Earth's magnetosphere: observations and theory   
O. P. Verkhoglyadova and B. T. Tsurutani
Page(s) 4429-4433
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  04 Dec 2009
Microphysical retrievals from simultaneous polarimetric and profiling radar observations   
M. P. Morris, P. B. Chilson, T. J. Schuur, and A. Ryzhkov
Page(s) 4435-4448
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  07 Dec 2009
Mid-latitude solar eclipses and their influence on ionospheric current systems   
A. T. Tomás, H. Lühr, and M. Rother
Page(s) 4449-4461
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  08 Dec 2009
Observations of the F-region ionospheric irregularities in the South American sector during the October 2003 "Halloween Storms"   
Y. Sahai, F. Becker-Guedes, P. R. Fagundes, A. J. de Abreu, R. de Jesus, V. G. Pillat, J. R. Abalde, C. R. Martinis, C. Brunini, M. Gende, C.-S. Huang, X. Pi, W. L. C. Lima, J. A. Bittencourt, and Y. Otsuka
Page(s) 4463-4477
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  08 Dec 2009
3-D reconstructions of the early-November 2004 CDAW geomagnetic storms: analysis of Ooty IPS speed and density data   
M. M. Bisi, B. V. Jackson, J. M. Clover, P. K. Manoharan, M. Tokumaru, P. P. Hick, and A. Buffington
Page(s) 4479-4489
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  10 Dec 2009
STEREO observations of interplanetary coronal mass ejections and prominence deflection during solar minimum period   
E. K. J. Kilpua, J. Pomoell, A. Vourlidas, R. Vainio, J. Luhmann, Y. Li, P. Schroeder, A. B. Galvin, and K. Simunac
Page(s) 4491-4503
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  10 Dec 2009
Melting of major Glaciers in the western Himalayas: evidence of climatic changes from long term MSU derived tropospheric temperature trend (1979–2008)   
A. K. Prasad, K.-H. S. Yang, H. M. El-Askary, and M. Kafatos
Page(s) 4505-4519
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  11 Dec 2009
Magnetopause surface oscillation frequencies at different solar wind conditions   
F. Plaschke, K.-H. Glassmeier, D. G. Sibeck, H. U. Auster, O. D. Constantinescu, V. Angelopoulos, and W. Magnes
Page(s) 4521-4532
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  11 Dec 2009
Rosetta and Mars Express observations of the influence of high solar wind pressure on the Martian plasma environment   
N. J. T. Edberg, U. Auster, S. Barabash, A. Bößwetter, D. A. Brain, J. L. Burch, C. M. Carr, S. W. H. Cowley, E. Cupido, F. Duru, A. I. Eriksson, M. Fränz, K.-H. Glassmeier, R. Goldstein, M. Lester, R. Lundin, R. Modolo, H. Nilsson, I. Richter, M. Samara, and J. G. Trotignon
Page(s) 4533-4545
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  17 Dec 2009
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