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ANGEO – Volume 27, issue 1, 2009

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The influence of solar wind on extratropical cyclones – Part 1: Wilcox effect revisited   
P. Prikryl, V. Rušin, and M. Rybanský
Page(s) 1-30
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  06 Jan 2009
The influence of solar wind on extratropical cyclones – Part 2: A link mediated by auroral atmospheric gravity waves?   
P. Prikryl, D. B. Muldrew, and G. J. Sofko
Page(s) 31-57
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2643 KB)   

  06 Jan 2009
Plasmoid formation for multiple onset substorms: observations of the Japanese Lunar Mission "Kaguya"   
T. Nagai, H. Tsunakawa, H. Shibuya, F. Takahashi, H. Shimizu, M. Matsushima, M. N. Nishino, Y. Yokota, K. Asamura, T. Tanaka, Y. Saito, and O. Amm
Page(s) 59-64
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 900 KB)   Special issue

  06 Jan 2009
Aspect sensitive E- and F-region SPEAR-enhanced incoherent backscatter observed by the EISCAT Svalbard radar   
R. S. Dhillon, T. R. Robinson, and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 65-81
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1047 KB)   Special issue

  06 Jan 2009
Geotail observations of FTE velocities   
G. I. Korotova, D. G. Sibeck, and T. Rosenberg
Page(s) 83-92
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 493 KB)   

  06 Jan 2009
Electrojet control of ambient ionization near the crest of the equatorial anomaly in the Indian zone   
S. K. Chakraborty and R. Hajra
Page(s) 93-105
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1109 KB)   

  06 Jan 2009
Electrodynamics of the equatorial F-region ionosphere during pre-sunrise period   
S. R. Prabhakaran Nayar, T. J. Mathew, C. V. Sreehari, S. G. Sumod, C. V. Devasia, S. Ravindran, V. Sreeja, T. Kumar Pant, and R. Sridharan
Page(s) 107-111
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 285 KB)   

  06 Jan 2009
Effects of solar wind density on auroral electrojets and brightness under influence of substorms   
J.-H. Shue, Y. Kamide, and J. W. Gjerloev
Page(s) 113-119
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 646 KB)   Special issue

  06 Jan 2009
The modulation of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves by Pc 5 ULF waves   
T. M. Loto'aniu, B. J. Fraser, and C. L. Waters
Page(s) 121-130
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1922 KB)   

  07 Jan 2009
Phenomena induced by powerful HF pumping towards magnetic zenith with a frequency near the F-region critical frequency and the third electron gyro harmonic frequency   
N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya, H. C. Carlson, V. A. Kornienko, T. D. Borisova, M. T. Rietveld, T. K. Yeoman, and A. Brekke
Page(s) 131-145
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1399 KB)   Special issue

  08 Jan 2009
Reconstruction of the gravity wave field from convective plumes via ray tracing   
S. L. Vadas and D. C. Fritts
Page(s) 147-177
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1733 KB)   Special issue

  09 Jan 2009
The ionospheric behavior in conjugate hemispheres during the 3 October 2005 solar eclipse   
H. Le, L. Liu, X. Yue, and W. Wan
Page(s) 179-184
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 693 KB)   

  09 Jan 2009
The presence of large sunspots near the central solar meridian at the times of major geomagnetic storms   
D. M. Willis, R. Henwood, and F. R. Stephenson
Page(s) 185-197
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 362 KB)   

  13 Jan 2009
Coupled rotational dynamics of Jupiter's thermosphere and magnetosphere   
C. G. A. Smith and A. D. Aylward
Page(s) 199-230
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3086 KB)   

  13 Jan 2009
Convection: the likely source of the medium-scale gravity waves observed in the OH airglow layer near Brasilia, Brazil, during the SpreadFEx campaign   
S. L. Vadas, M. J. Taylor, P.-D. Pautet, P. A. Stamus, D. C. Fritts, H.-L. Liu, F. T. São Sabbas, V. T. Rampinelli, P. Batista, and H. Takahashi
Page(s) 231-259
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3006 KB)   Special issue

  14 Jan 2009
E-region decameter-scale plasma waves observed by the dual TIGER HF radars   
B. A. Carter and R. A. Makarevich
Page(s) 261-278
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3232 KB)   

  15 Jan 2009
Meteor plasma trails: effects of external electric field   
Y. S. Dimant, M. M. Oppenheim, and G. M. Milikh
Page(s) 279-296
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1731 KB)   

  16 Jan 2009
A study of evolution/suppression parameters of equatorial postsunset plasma instability   
O. S. Oyekola
Page(s) 297-301
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 546 KB)   

  16 Jan 2009
Effect of magnetic activity on plasma bubbles over equatorial and low-latitude regions in East Asia   
G. Li, B. Ning, L. Liu, W. Wan, and J. Y. Liu
Page(s) 303-312
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 790 KB)   

  19 Jan 2009
Role of gravity wavelike seed perturbations on the triggering of ESF – a case study from unique dayglow observations   
V. Sreeja, C. Vineeth, Tarun Kumar Pant, Sudha Ravindran, and R. Sridharan
Page(s) 313-318
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1378 KB)   

  19 Jan 2009
Global properties of magnetotail current sheet flapping: THEMIS perspectives   
A. Runov, V. Angelopoulos, V. A. Sergeev, K.-H. Glassmeier, U. Auster, J. McFadden, D. Larson, and I. Mann
Page(s) 319-328
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2250 KB)   Special issue

  19 Jan 2009
Quiet time F2-layer disturbances: seasonal variations of the occurrence in the daytime sector   
A. V. Mikhailov, A. H. Depueva, and V. H. Depuev
Page(s) 329-337
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 442 KB)   

  21 Jan 2009
Boundary layer structure and stability classification validated with CO2 concentrations over the Northern Spanish Plateau   
I. A. Pérez, M. L. Sánchez, M. Á. García, and B. de Torre
Page(s) 339-349
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1117 KB)   

  21 Jan 2009
Mirror waves and mode transition observed in the magnetosheath by Double Star TC-1   
J. Du, C. Wang, T. L. Zhang, M. Volwerk, and C. Carr
Page(s) 351-355
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 736 KB)   

  22 Jan 2009
First simultaneous measurements of waves generated at the bow shock in the solar wind, the magnetosphere and on the ground   
L. B. N. Clausen, T. K. Yeoman, R. C. Fear, R. Behlke, E. A. Lucek, and M. J. Engebretson
Page(s) 357-371
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 12554 KB)   

  22 Jan 2009
Rayleigh lidar observations of enhanced stratopause temperature over Gadanki (13.5° N, 79.2° E) during major stratospheric warming in 2006   
S. Sridharan, S. Sathishkumar, and K. Raghunath
Page(s) 373-379
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 525 KB)   

  22 Jan 2009
Velocity shear and current driven instability in a collisional F-region   
P. J. G. Perron, J.-M. A. Noël, and J.-P. St.-Maurice
Page(s) 381-394
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6520 KB)   

  23 Jan 2009
A route to explosive large-scale magnetic reconnection in a super-ion-scale current sheet   
K. G. Tanaka, K. Haijima, M. Fujimoto, and I. Shinohara
Page(s) 395-405
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4386 KB)   Special issue

  23 Jan 2009
Spectral wave analysis at the mesopause from SCIAMACHY airglow data compared to SABER temperature spectra   
M. Ern, C. Lehmann, M. Kaufmann, and M. Riese
Page(s) 407-416
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 587 KB)   Special issue

  23 Jan 2009
MHD aspect of current sheet oscillations related to magnetic field gradients   
N. V. Erkaev, V. S. Semenov, I. V. Kubyshkin, M. V. Kubyshkina, and H. K. Biernat
Page(s) 417-425
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1732 KB)   Special issue

  23 Jan 2009
Topside measurements at Jicamarca during solar minimum   
D. L. Hysell, J. L. Chau, and J. D. Huba
Page(s) 427-439
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1443 KB)   Special issue

  23 Jan 2009
Comment on "Energetic particle sounding of the magnetospheric cusp with ISEE-1" by K. E. Whitaker et al., Ann. Geophys., 25, 1175–1182, 2007   
S. A. Fuselier, S. M. Petrinec, and K. J. Trattner
Page(s) 441-445
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 327 KB)   Reply   Corresponding article   

  26 Jan 2009
Reply to S. Fuselier et al.'s comment on "Energetic particle sounding of the magnetospheric cusp with ISEE-1"   
B. M. Walsh, K. E. Whitaker, T. A. Fritz, J. Chen, and M. Klida
Page(s) 447-450
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 313 KB)   Comment   Corresponding article   

  26 Jan 2009
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