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ANGEO – Volume 26, issue 9, 2008

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Correlation length of magnetosheath fluctuations: Cluster statistics   
O. Gutynska, J. Šafránková, and Z. Němeček
Page(s) 2503-2513
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1601 KB)   Special issue

  01 Sep 2008
Upper-mesospheric temperatures measured during intense substorms in the declining phase of the January 2005 solar proton events   
H. Nesse Tyssøy, D. Heinrich, J. Stadsnes, M. Sørbø, U.-P. Hoppe, D. S. Evans, B. P. Williams, and F. Honary
Page(s) 2515-2529
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  01 Sep 2008
Development of radio acoustic sounding system (RASS) with Gadanki MST radar – first results   
T. V. Chandrasekhar Sarma, D. Narayana Rao, J. Furumoto, and T. Tsuda
Page(s) 2531-2542
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 565 KB)   Special issue

  01 Sep 2008
Ring current decay time model during geomagnetic storms: a simple analytical approach   
R. Monreal MacMahon and C. Llop-Romero
Page(s) 2543-2550
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 383 KB)   

  03 Sep 2008
Identification of the sources of inertia-gravity waves in the Andes Cordillera region   
A. Spiga, H. Teitelbaum, and V. Zeitlin
Page(s) 2551-2568
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2942 KB)   

  05 Sep 2008
Large-scale overview of the summer monsoon over West Africa during the AMMA field experiment in 2006   
S. Janicot, C. D. Thorncroft, A. Ali, N. Asencio, G. Berry, O. Bock, B. Bourles, G. Caniaux, F. Chauvin, A. Deme, L. Kergoat, J.-P. Lafore, C. Lavaysse, T. Lebel, B. Marticorena, F. Mounier, P. Nedelec, J.-L. Redelsperger, F. Ravegnani, C. E. Reeves, R. Roca, P. de Rosnay, H. Schlager, B. Sultan, M. Tomasini, A. Ulanovsky, and ACMAD forecasters team
Page(s) 2569-2595
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  05 Sep 2008
High time resolution boundary layer description using combined remote sensing instruments   
C. Gaffard, J. Nash, E. Walker, T. J. Hewison, J. Jones, and E. G. Norton
Page(s) 2597-2612
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6538 KB)   Special issue

  05 Sep 2008
Auroral current systems in Saturn's magnetosphere: comparison of theoretical models with Cassini and HST observations   
S. W. H. Cowley, C. S. Arridge, E. J. Bunce, J. T. Clarke, A. J. Coates, M. K. Dougherty, J.-C. Gérard, D. Grodent, J. D. Nichols, and D. L. Talboys
Page(s) 2613-2630
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  08 Sep 2008
Analysis of plasma waves observed in the inner Saturn magnetosphere   
J. D. Menietti, O. Santolik, A. M. Rymer, G. B. Hospodarsky, D. A. Gurnett, and A. J. Coates
Page(s) 2631-2644
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 950 KB)   

  09 Sep 2008
Derivation of a planetary ionospheric storm index   
T. L. Gulyaeva and I. Stanislawska
Page(s) 2645-2648
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 308 KB)   

  11 Sep 2008
Upper thermospheric neutral wind and temperature measurements from an extended spatial field   
E. M. Griffin, A. L. Aruliah, I. McWhirter, H.-C. I. Yiu, A. Charalambous, and I. McCrea
Page(s) 2649-2655
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1048 KB)   

  12 Sep 2008
Complexity in the scaling of velocity fluctuations in the high-latitude F-region ionosphere   
M. L. Parkinson
Page(s) 2657-2672
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1576 KB)   

  12 Sep 2008
First results from ideal 2-D MHD reconstruction: magnetopause reconnection event seen by Cluster   
W.-L. Teh and B. U. Ö. Sonnerup
Page(s) 2673-2684
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1521 KB)   Special issue

  12 Sep 2008
High-latitude plasma convection during Northward IMF as derived from in-situ magnetospheric Cluster EDI measurements   
M. Förster, S. E. Haaland, G. Paschmann, J. M. Quinn, R. B. Torbert, H. Vaith, and C. A. Kletzing
Page(s) 2685-2700
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 7363 KB)   Special issue

  12 Sep 2008
Wind observations of low energy particles within a solar wind reconnection region   
K. E. J. Huttunen, S. D. Bale, and C. Salem
Page(s) 2701-2710
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3874 KB)   

  12 Sep 2008
Rankin Inlet PolarDARN radar observations of duskward moving Sun-aligned optical forms   
A. Koustov, K. Hosokawa, N. Nishitani, T. Ogawa, and K. Shiokawa
Page(s) 2711-2723
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 7289 KB)   

  12 Sep 2008
First mesospheric turbulence study using coordinated rocket and MST radar measurements over Indian low latitude region   
H. Chandra, H. S. S. Sinha, U. Das, R. N. Misra, S. R. Das, J. Datta, S. C. Chakravarty, A. K. Patra, N. Venkateswara Rao, and D. Narayana Rao
Page(s) 2725-2738
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2740 KB)   

  12 Sep 2008
A multi-diagnostic approach to understanding high-latitude plasma transport during the Halloween 2003 storm   
P. Yin, C. N. Mitchell, P. Spencer, I. McCrea, and T. Pedersen
Page(s) 2739-2747
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1383 KB)   

  15 Sep 2008
Comparison of multi-point measurements of current sheet structure and analytical models   
A. V. Artemyev, A. A. Petrukovich, L. M. Zelenyi, H. V. Malova, V. Y. Popov, R. Nakamura, A. Runov, and S. Apatenkov
Page(s) 2749-2758
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 14545 KB)   

  15 Sep 2008
On the use of IMAGE FUV for estimating the latitude of the open/closed magnetic field line boundary in the ionosphere   
P. D. Boakes, S. E. Milan, G. A. Abel, M. P. Freeman, G. Chisham, B. Hubert, and T. Sotirelis
Page(s) 2759-2769
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 472 KB)   

  16 Sep 2008
Conjugate observation of sharp dynamical boundary in the inner magnetosphere by Cluster and DMSP spacecraft and ground network   
S. V. Apatenkov, V. A. Sergeev, O. Amm, W. Baumjohann, R. Nakamura, A. Runov, F. Rich, P. Daly, A. Fazakerley, I. Alexeev, J. A. Sauvaud, and Yu. Chotyaintsev
Page(s) 2771-2780
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1247 KB)   

  17 Sep 2008
Near-Earth magnetic signature of magnetospheric substorms and an improved substorm current model   
P. Ritter and H. Lühr
Page(s) 2781-2793
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 818 KB)   

  18 Sep 2008
Similarities and differences in polar mesosphere summer echoes observed in the Arctic and Antarctica   
R. Latteck, W. Singer, R. J. Morris, W. K. Hocking, D. J. Murphy, D. A. Holdsworth, and N. Swarnalingam
Page(s) 2795-2806
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1524 KB)   Special issue

  18 Sep 2008
Climatology of the cusp-related thermospheric mass density anomaly, as derived from CHAMP observations   
S. Rentz and H. Lühr
Page(s) 2807-2823
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1430 KB)   

  18 Sep 2008
The possible statistical relation of Pc1 pulsations to Earthquake occurrence at low latitudes   
J. Bortnik, J. W. Cutler, C. Dunson, and T. E. Bleier
Page(s) 2825-2836
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 679 KB)   

  22 Sep 2008
The Pedersen current carried by electrons: a non-linear response of the ionosphere to magnetospheric forcing   
S. C. Buchert, T. Tsuda, R. Fujii, and S. Nozawa
Page(s) 2837-2844
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 539 KB)   Special issue

  22 Sep 2008
Cluster observations of near-Earth magnetospheric lobe plasma densities – a statistical study   
K. R. Svenes, B. Lybekk, A. Pedersen, and S. Haaland
Page(s) 2845-2852
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6102 KB)   Special issue

  22 Sep 2008
Modeling of the Farley-Buneman instability in the E-region ionosphere: a new hybrid approach   
D. V. Kovalev, A. P. Smirnov, and Y. S. Dimant
Page(s) 2853-2870
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 7223 KB)   

  23 Sep 2008
On a new process for cusp irregularity production   
H. C. Carlson, K. Oksavik, and J. Moen
Page(s) 2871-2885
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 10827 KB)   Special issue

  23 Sep 2008
Derivation of inner magnetospheric electric field (UNH-IMEF) model using Cluster data set   
H. Matsui, P. A. Puhl-Quinn, V. K. Jordanova, Y. Khotyaintsev, P.-A. Lindqvist, and R. B. Torbert
Page(s) 2887-2898
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2763 KB)   Special issue

  23 Sep 2008
On nonstationarity and rippling of the quasiperpendicular zone of the Earth bow shock: Cluster observations   
V. V. Lobzin, V. V. Krasnoselskikh, K. Musatenko, and T. Dudok de Wit
Page(s) 2899-2910
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 766 KB)   Special issue

  23 Sep 2008
Solar and geomagnetic activity effects on mid-latitude F-region electric fields   
V. V. Kumar, M. L. Parkinson, P. L. Dyson, and R. Polglase
Page(s) 2911-2921
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1059 KB)   

  24 Sep 2008
Transmission code optimization method for incoherent scatter radar   
J. Vierinen, M. S. Lehtinen, M. Orispää, and I. I. Virtanen
Page(s) 2923-2927
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 314 KB)   Special issue

  24 Sep 2008
Energetics and structure of the lower E region associated with sporadic E layer   
K.-I. Oyama, K. Hibino, T. Abe, R. Pfaff, T. Yokoyama, and J. Y. Liu
Page(s) 2929-2936
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 844 KB)   

  25 Sep 2008
The effects of an interplanetary shock on the high-latitude ionospheric convection during an IMF By-dominated period   
I. Coco, E. Amata, M. F. Marcucci, D. Ambrosino, J.-P. Villain, and C. Hanuise
Page(s) 2937-2951
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1647 KB)   

  25 Sep 2008
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