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ANGEO – Volume 26, issue 5, 2008

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Preface "Atmospheric studies by optical methods"   
Page(s) 1039-1040
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  28 May 2008
Morphology and dynamics of aurora at fine scale: first results from the ASK instrument   
H. Dahlgren, N. Ivchenko, J. Sullivan, B. S. Lanchester, G. Marklund, and D. Whiter
Page(s) 1041-1048
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  28 May 2008
Response of the mesopause airglow to solar activity inferred from measurements at Zvenigorod, Russia   
N. Pertsev and V. Perminov
Page(s) 1049-1056
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  28 May 2008
Summer sudden Na number density enhancements measured with the ALOMAR Weber Na Lidar   
D. Heinrich, H. Nesse, U. Blum, P. Acott, B. Williams, and U.-P. Hoppe
Page(s) 1057-1069
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  28 May 2008
A case study of a sporadic sodium layer observed by the ALOMAR Weber Na lidar   
H. Nesse, D. Heinrich, B. Williams, U.-P. Hoppe, J. Stadsnes, M. Rietveld, W. Singer, U. Blum, M. I. Sandanger, and E. Trondsen
Page(s) 1071-1081
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  28 May 2008
The thermal structure at the topside and above of polar mesosphere summer echoes over Spitsbergen 78° N   
J. Lautenbach, J. Höffner, F.-J. Lübken, and M. Zecha
Page(s) 1083-1088
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  28 May 2008
Observations of artificial and natural optical emissions at the HAARP facility   
T. Pedersen, R. Esposito, E. Kendall, D. Sentman, M. Kosch, E. Mishin, and R. Marshall
Page(s) 1089-1099
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  28 May 2008
Anomalous quasi-stationary planetary waves over the Antarctic region in 1988 and 2002   
A. V. Grytsai, O. M. Evtushevsky, and G. P. Milinevsky
Page(s) 1101-1108
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  28 May 2008
Optical studies of noctilucent clouds in the extreme ultraviolet   
J. Hedin, J. Gumbel, M. Khaplanov, G. Witt, and J. Stegman
Page(s) 1109-1119
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  28 May 2008
First observations from a CCD all-sky spectrograph at Barentsburg (Spitsbergen)   
S. A. Chernouss, O. M. Sharovarova, Yu. V. Fedorenko, A. V. Roldugin, and L. S. Yevlashin
Page(s) 1121-1125
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  28 May 2008
Comparison and significance of auroral studies during the Swedish and Russian bilateral expedition to Spitsbergen in 1899–1900   
S. Chernouss and I. Sandahl
Page(s) 1127-1140
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  28 May 2008
Fine structure of breakup development inferred from satellite and ground-based observations   
T. A. Kornilova, I. A. Kornilov, and O. I. Kornilov
Page(s) 1141-1148
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  28 May 2008
The study of intermolecular energy transfers in electronic energy quenching for molecular collisions N2-N2, N2-O2, O2-O2   
A. S. Kirillov
Page(s) 1149-1157
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  28 May 2008
Electronically excited molecular nitrogen and molecular oxygen in the high-latitude upper atmosphere   
A. S. Kirillov
Page(s) 1159-1169
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  28 May 2008
Preface "The fourth IAGA-ICMA-CAWSES Workshop 'Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere'"   
Page(s) 1171-1171
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  28 May 2008
Geomagnetic and ionospheric data analysis over Antarctica: a contribution to the long term trends investigation   
L. Alfonsi, G. De Franceschi, and A. De Santis
Page(s) 1173-1179
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 354 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Global change induced trends in ion composition of the troposphere to the lower thermosphere   
G. Beig
Page(s) 1181-1187
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  28 May 2008
Long-term trends in the ionospheric E and F1 regions   
J. Bremer
Page(s) 1189-1197
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  28 May 2008
Long-term trends in the relation between daytime and nighttime values of foF2   
A. D. Danilov
Page(s) 1199-1206
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 524 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Ozone trends at northern mid- and high latitudes – a European perspective   
N. R. P. Harris, E. Kyrö, J. Staehelin, D. Brunner, S.-B. Andersen, S. Godin-Beekmann, S. Dhomse, P. Hadjinicolaou, G. Hansen, I. Isaksen, A. Jrrar, A. Karpetchko, R. Kivi, B. Knudsen, P. Krizan, J. Lastovicka, J. Maeder, Y. Orsolini, J. A. Pyle, M. Rex, K. Vanicek, M. Weber, I. Wohltmann, P. Zanis, and C. Zerefos
Page(s) 1207-1220
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1359 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Trends in MLT region winds and planetary waves, Collm (52° N, 15° E)   
Ch. Jacobi, P. Hoffmann, and D. Kürschner
Page(s) 1221-1232
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1116 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Climatic variability of the mean flow and stationary planetary waves in the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data   
A. Yu. Kanukhina, E. V. Suvorova, L. A. Nechaeva, E. K. Skrygina, and A. I. Pogoreltsev
Page(s) 1233-1241
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 838 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Noctilucent clouds observed from the UK and Denmark – trends and variations over 43 years   
S. Kirkwood, P. Dalin, and A. Réchou
Page(s) 1243-1254
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  28 May 2008
Emerging pattern of global change in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere   
J. Laštovička, R. A. Akmaev, G. Beig, J. Bremer, J. T. Emmert, C. Jacobi, M. J. Jarvis, G. Nedoluha, Yu. I. Portnyagin, and T. Ulich
Page(s) 1255-1268
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 932 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Latitudinal variation of foF2 hysteresis of solar cycles 20, 21 and 22 and its application to the analysis of long-term trends   
N. Ortiz de Adler and A. G. Elias
Page(s) 1269-1273
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 567 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Longitude-dependent decadal ozone changes and ozone trends in boreal winter months during 1960–2000   
D. H. W. Peters, A. Gabriel, and G. Entzian
Page(s) 1275-1286
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1145 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
On the observed changes in upper stratospheric and mesospheric temperatures from UARS HALOE   
E. Remsberg
Page(s) 1287-1297
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 446 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
Long-term variations and trends in the simulation of the middle atmosphere 1980–2004 by the chemistry-climate model of the Meteorological Research Institute   
K. Shibata and M. Deushi
Page(s) 1299-1326
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4880 KB)   Special issue

  28 May 2008
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