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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 26, issue 12, 2008

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Relationship between solar wind corotating interaction regions and the phasing and intensity of Saturn kilometric radiation bursts   
S. V. Badman, S. W. H. Cowley, L. Lamy, B. Cecconi, and P. Zarka
Page(s) 3641-3651
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  19 Nov 2008
The statistics of foreshock cavities: results of a Cluster survey   
L. Billingham, S. J. Schwartz, and D. G. Sibeck
Page(s) 3653-3667
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 839 KB)   Special issue

  20 Nov 2008
Formation of current density profile in tilted current sheets   
A. A. Petrukovich, W. Baumjohann, R. Nakamura, and A. Runov
Page(s) 3669-3676
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1221 KB)   Special issue

  20 Nov 2008
Seasonal, annual and inter-annual features of turbulence parameters over the tropical station Pune (18°32' N, 73°51' E) observed with UHF wind profiler   
Narendra Singh, R. R. Joshi, H.-Y. Chun, G. B. Pant, S. H. Damle, and R. D. Vashishtha
Page(s) 3677-3692
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 687 KB)   Special issue

  24 Nov 2008
Comparison of wind measurements in the troposphere and mesosphere by VHF/MF radars and in-situ techniques   
N. Engler, W. Singer, R. Latteck, and B. Strelnikov
Page(s) 3693-3705
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 891 KB)   Special issue

  24 Nov 2008
Nonlinear low-frequency wave aspect of foreshock density holes   
N. Lin, E. Lee, F. Mozer, G. K. Parks, M. Wilber, and H. Rème
Page(s) 3707-3718
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 937 KB)   Special issue

  25 Nov 2008
Spatiotemporal variation of the ozone QBO in MLS data by wavelet analysis   
S. Fadnavis and G. Beig
Page(s) 3719-3730
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1163 KB)   

  25 Nov 2008
Influence of gravity waves and tides on mesospheric temperature inversion layers: simultaneous Rayleigh lidar and MF radar observations   
S. Sridharan, S. Sathishkumar, and S. Gurubaran
Page(s) 3731-3739
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 632 KB)   

  25 Nov 2008
Foreshock density holes in the context of known upstream plasma structures   
M. Wilber, G. K. Parks, K. Meziane, N. Lin, E. Lee, C. Mazelle, and A. Harris
Page(s) 3741-3755
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3312 KB)   Special issue

  26 Nov 2008
The role of electric field and neutral wind in the generation of polar cap sporadic E   
T. Nygrén, M. Voiculescu, and A. T. Aikio
Page(s) 3757-3763
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 618 KB)   Special issue

  26 Nov 2008
Studies of vertical fluxes of horizontal momentum in the lower atmosphere using the MU-radar   
F. S. Kuo, H. Y. Lue, C. L. Fern, J. Röttger, S. Fukao, and M. Yamamoto
Page(s) 3765-3781
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 666 KB)   

  26 Nov 2008
Simultaneous observations of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes at two different latitudes in Antarctica   
H. Nilsson, S. Kirkwood, R. J. Morris, R. Latteck, A. R. Klekociuk, D. J. Murphy, M. Zecha, and E. Belova
Page(s) 3783-3792
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 821 KB)   

  27 Nov 2008
Ionospheric F1 layer long-term trends and the geomagnetic control concept   
A. V. Mikhailov
Page(s) 3793-3803
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 646 KB)   

  28 Nov 2008
Temperature retrieval with VHF radar using combined techniques   
V. Klaus
Page(s) 3805-3817
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6514 KB)   Special issue

  28 Nov 2008
Significance tests for the wavelet cross spectrum and wavelet linear coherence   
Z. Ge
Page(s) 3819-3829
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 582 KB)   Corrigendum   

  02 Dec 2008
Comparison of methods to determine auroral ionospheric conductances using ground-based optical and riometer data   
A. Senior, M. J. Kosch, and F. Honary
Page(s) 3831-3840
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1891 KB)   

  02 Dec 2008
Gravity wave penetration into the thermosphere: sensitivity to solar cycle variations and mean winds   
D. C. Fritts and S. L. Vadas
Page(s) 3841-3861
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1940 KB)   Special issue

  02 Dec 2008
Equatorial Spread F structures and associated airglow intensity variations observed over Gadanki   
R. Sekar, D. Chakrabarty, R. Narayanan, and A. K. Patra
Page(s) 3863-3873
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1131 KB)   

  02 Dec 2008
Conditions for substorm onset by the fast reconnection mechanism   
M. Ugai
Page(s) 3875-3883
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2118 KB)   Special issue

  02 Dec 2008
Statistics of auroral Langmuir waves   
M. Samara, J. LaBelle, and I. H. Cairns
Page(s) 3885-3895
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 989 KB)   

  03 Dec 2008
Balanced reconnection intervals: four case studies   
A. D. DeJong, A. J. Ridley, and C. R. Clauer
Page(s) 3897-3912
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1293 KB)   

  03 Dec 2008
Towards understanding the electrodynamics of the 3-dimensional high-latitude ionosphere: present and future   
O. Amm, A. Aruliah, S. C. Buchert, R. Fujii, J. W. Gjerloev, A. Ieda, T. Matsuo, C. Stolle, H. Vanhamäki, and A. Yoshikawa
Page(s) 3913-3932
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 767 KB)   

  05 Dec 2008
Wavelength dependence of the Es layer instability, and of coupling to the F layer, in the nonlinear regime   
R. B. Cosgrove
Page(s) 3933-3943
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 865 KB)   

  05 Dec 2008
A fuzzy neural network model to forecast the percent cloud coverage and cloud top temperature maps   
Y. Tulunay, E. T. Şenalp, Ş. Öz, L. I. Dorman, E. Tulunay, S. S. Menteş, and M. E. Akcan
Page(s) 3945-3954
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 561 KB)   

  05 Dec 2008
Escape of high-energy oxygen ions through magnetopause reconnection under northward IMF   
S. Kasahara, H. Hasegawa, K. Keika, Y. Miyashita, M. N. Nishino, T. Sotirelis, Y. Saito, and T. Mukai
Page(s) 3955-3966
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4774 KB)   

  05 Dec 2008
Ionospheric signatures during a magnetospheric flux rope event   
L. Juusola, O. Amm, H. U. Frey, K. Kauristie, R. Nakamura, C. J. Owen, V. Sergeev, J. A. Slavin, and A. Walsh
Page(s) 3967-3977
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3151 KB)   

  05 Dec 2008
Relation between the occurrence rate of ESF and the equatorial vertical plasma drift velocity at sunset derived from global observations   
C. Stolle, H. Lühr, and B. G. Fejer
Page(s) 3979-3988
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 501 KB)   

  08 Dec 2008
Forecasting intense geomagnetic activity using interplanetary magnetic field data   
E. Saiz, C. Cid, and Y. Cerrato
Page(s) 3989-3998
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 529 KB)   

  08 Dec 2008
First estimates of volume distribution of HF-pump enhanced emissions at 6300 and 5577 Å: a comparison between observations and theory   
B. Gustavsson, M. Kosch, A. Wong, T. Pedersen, C. Heinselman, C. Mutiso, B. Bristow, J. Hughes, and W. Wang
Page(s) 3999-4012
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2799 KB)   Special issue

  08 Dec 2008
Influence of tides and gravity waves on layering processes in the polar summer mesopause region   
P. Hoffmann, M. Rapp, J. Fiedler, and R. Latteck
Page(s) 4013-4022
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2279 KB)   Special issue

  09 Dec 2008
Tailward propagation of Pi2 waves in the Earth's magnetotail lobe   
M. Volwerk, R. Nakamura, W. Baumjohann, T. Uozumi, K. Yumoto, and A. Balogh
Page(s) 4023-4030
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2550 KB)   Special issue

  09 Dec 2008
Solar wind control of plasma number density in the near-Earth plasma sheet: three-dimensional structure   
D. Nagata, S. Machida, S. Ohtani, Y. Saito, and T. Mukai
Page(s) 4031-4049
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4810 KB)   

  11 Dec 2008
Axi-symmetric models of auroral current systems in Jupiter's magnetosphere with predictions for the Juno mission   
S. W. H. Cowley, A. J. Deason, and E. J. Bunce
Page(s) 4051-4074
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1479 KB)   

  12 Dec 2008
Is the decadal variability in the tropical Atlantic a precursor to the NAO?   
I. Wainer, J. Servain, and G. Clauzet
Page(s) 4075-4080
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2499 KB)   

  12 Dec 2008
Climatology of gravity wave activity during the West African Monsoon   
P. Kafando, F. Chane-Ming, and M. Petitdidier
Page(s) 4081-4089
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 470 KB)   

  12 Dec 2008
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