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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 26, issue 1, 2008

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Evidence of a dense water vein along the Libyan continental margin   
G. P. Gasparini, A. Bonanno, S. Zgozi, G. Basilone, M. Borghini, G. Buscaino, A. Cuttitta, N. Essarbout, S. Mazzola, B. Patti, A. B. Ramadan, K. Schroeder, T. Bahri, and F. Massa
Page(s) 1-6
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  04 Feb 2008
Multi year changes of Aerosol Optical Depth in the monsoon region of the Indian Ocean since 1986 as seen in the AVHRR and TOMS data   
J. P. George, L. Harenduprakash, and M. Mohan
Page(s) 7-11
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  04 Feb 2008
Parameterisation of the chemical effect of sprites in the middle atmosphere   
C.-F. Enell, E. Arnone, T. Adachi, O. Chanrion, P. T. Verronen, A. Seppälä, T. Neubert, T. Ulich, E. Turunen, Y. Takahashi, and R.-R. Hsu
Page(s) 13-27
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  04 Feb 2008
Statistical analysis of thermospheric gravity waves from Fabry-Perot Interferometer measurements of atomic oxygen   
E. A. K. Ford, A. L. Aruliah, E. M. Griffin, and I. McWhirter
Page(s) 29-45
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  04 Feb 2008
Solar control of ambient ionization of the ionosphere near the crest of the equatorial anomaly in the Indian zone   
S. K. Chakraborty and R. Hajra
Page(s) 47-57
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  04 Feb 2008
Full profile incoherent scatter analysis at Jicamarca   
D. L. Hysell, F. S. Rodrigues, J. L. Chau, and J. D. Huba
Page(s) 59-75
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  04 Feb 2008
Parameterization of ionization rate by auroral electron precipitation in Jupiter   
Y. Hiraki and C. Tao
Page(s) 77-86
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  04 Feb 2008
EISCAT and Cluster observations in the vicinity of the dynamical polar cap boundary   
A. T. Aikio, T. Pitkänen, D. Fontaine, I. Dandouras, O. Amm, A. Kozlovsky, A. Vaivdas, and A. Fazakerley
Page(s) 87-105
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  04 Feb 2008
The ionospheric responses to the 11 August 1999 solar eclipse: observations and modeling   
H. Le, L. Liu, X. Yue, and W. Wan
Page(s) 107-116
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  04 Feb 2008
30 MHz radar observations of artificial E region field-aligned plasma irregularities   
D. L. Hysell
Page(s) 117-129
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  04 Feb 2008
The role of atomic oxygen concentration in the ionization balance of the lower ionosphere during solar proton events   
A. Osepian, V. Tereschenko, P. Dalin, and S. Kirkwood
Page(s) 131-143
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1238 KB)   

  04 Feb 2008
An assessment of the role of the centrifugal acceleration mechanism in high altitude polar cap oxygen ion outflow   
H. Nilsson, M. Waara, O. Marghitu, M. Yamauchi, R. Lundin, H. Rème, J.-A. Sauvaud, I. Dandouras, E. Lucek, L. M. Kistler, B. Klecker, C. W. Carlson, M. B. Bavassano-Cattaneo, and A. Korth
Page(s) 145-157
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1208 KB)   

  04 Feb 2008
Dependence of the open-closed field line boundary in Saturn's ionosphere on both the IMF and solar wind dynamic pressure: comparison with the UV auroral oval observed by the HST   
E. S. Belenkaya, S. W. H. Cowley, S. V. Badman, M. S. Blokhina, and V.V. Kalegaev
Page(s) 159-166
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6702 KB)   

  04 Feb 2008
Observed tail current systems associated with bursty bulk flows and auroral streamers during a period of multiple substorms   
C. Forsyth, M. Lester, S. W. H. Cowley, I. Dandouras, A. N. Fazakerley, R. C. Fear, H. U. Frey, A. Grocott, A. Kadokura, E. Lucek, H. Rème, S. E. Milan, and J. Watermann
Page(s) 167-184
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3031 KB)   

  04 Feb 2008
Multi-instrument observations of a large scale Pc4 pulsation   
L. B. N. Clausen, T. K. Yeoman, R. Behlke, and E. A. Lucek
Page(s) 185-199
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5808 KB)   

  04 Feb 2008
Multi-instrumentation observations of a transpolar arc in the northern hemisphere   
A. Goudarzi, M. Lester, S. E. Milan, and H. U. Frey
Page(s) 201-210
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2496 KB)   

  04 Feb 2008
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