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ANGEO – Volume 25, issue 9, 2007

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Changes in the in-phase relationship between the Indian and subsequent Australian summer monsoons during the past five decades   
J.-Y. Yu and M. A. Janiga
Page(s) 1929-1933
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  02 Oct 2007
Empirical model for mean temperature for Indian zone and estimation of precipitable water vapor from ground based GPS measurements   
C. Suresh Raju, K. Saha, B. V. Thampi, and K. Parameswaran
Page(s) 1935-1948
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  02 Oct 2007
A new method for studying the thermospheric density variability derived from CHAMP/STAR accelerometer data for magnetically active conditions   
M. Menvielle, C. Lathuillère, S. Bruinsma, and R. Viereck
Page(s) 1949-1958
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  02 Oct 2007
Observational evidence for the generation of a 4-day oscillation in the low-latitude middle atmosphere associated with an anomalous stratospheric cooling   
V. Deepa, G. Ramkumar, and K. K. Kumar
Page(s) 1959-1965
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  02 Oct 2007
Auroral ion outflow: low altitude energization   
K. A. Lynch, J. L. Semeter, M. Zettergren, P. Kintner, R. Arnoldy, E. Klatt, J. LaBelle, R. G. Michell, E. A. MacDonald, and M. Samara
Page(s) 1967-1977
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  02 Oct 2007
Gravity wave propagation in the realistic atmosphere based on a three-dimensional transfer function model   
L. Sun, W. Wan, F. Ding, and T. Mao
Page(s) 1979-1986
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  02 Oct 2007
Heights of SuperDARN F region echoes estimated from the analysis of HF radio wave propagation   
A. V. Koustov, D. André, E. Turunen, T. Raito, and S. E. Milan
Page(s) 1987-1994
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  02 Oct 2007
Diurnal, seasonal, latitudinal and solar cycle variation of electron temperature in the topside F-region of the Indian zone ionosphere   
M. Chamua, P. K. Bhuyan, P. Subrahmanyam, and S. C. Garg
Page(s) 1995-2006
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  02 Oct 2007
The combined effects of electrojet strength and the geomagnetic activity (Kp-index) on the post sunset height rise of the F-layer and its role in the generation of ESF during high and low solar activity periods   
S. Tulasi Ram, P. V. S. Rama Rao, D. S. V. V. D. Prasad, K. Niranjan, A. Raja Babu, R. Sridharan, C. V. Devasia, and Sudha Ravindran
Page(s) 2007-2017
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  02 Oct 2007
Variations of topside ionospheric scale heights over Millstone Hill during the 30-day incoherent scatter radar experiment   
L. Liu, W. Wan, M.-L. Zhang, B. Ning, S.-R. Zhang, and J. M. Holt
Page(s) 2019-2027
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  02 Oct 2007
The measurements of light high-energy ions in NINA-2 experiment   
A. Leonov, M. Cyamukungu, J. Cabrera, P. Leleux, Gh. Grégoire, S. Benck, V. Mikhailov, A. Bakaldin, A. Galper, S. Koldashov, S. Voronov, M. Casolino, M. P. De Pascale, P. Picozza, R. Sparvoli, and M. Ricci
Page(s) 2029-2036
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  02 Oct 2007
Modelling long-term trends in lunar exposure to the Earth's plasmasheet   
M. Hapgood
Page(s) 2037-2044
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  02 Oct 2007
Daily variation at Concordia station (Antarctica) and its dependence on IMF conditions   
L. Cafarella, D. Di Mauro, S. Lepidi, A. Meloni, M. Pietrolungo, L. Santarelli, and J. J. Schott
Page(s) 2045-2051
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  02 Oct 2007
The driving mechanisms of particle precipitation during the moderate geomagnetic storm of 7 January 2005   
N. Longden, F. Honary, A. J. Kavanagh, and J. Manninen
Page(s) 2053-2068
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  02 Oct 2007
Origin of temperature anisotropies in the cold plasma sheet: Geotail observations around the Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices   
M. N. Nishino, M. Fujimoto, G. Ueno, T. Mukai, and Y. Saito
Page(s) 2069-2086
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 9267 KB)   

  02 Oct 2007
Hysteresis loops of Cosmic Ray intensity decreases versus solar and interplanetary parameters   
R. P. Kane
Page(s) 2087-2097
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8259 KB)   

  02 Oct 2007
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