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ANGEO – Volume 25, issue 7, 2007

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ap-index solar wind driving function and its semiannual variations   
A. A. Petrukovich and M. Y. Zakharov
Page(s) 1465-1469
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  30 Jul 2007
The magnetic structure of an earthward-moving flux rope observed by Cluster in the near-tail   
Y. C. Zhang, Z. X. Liu, C. Shen, A. Fazakerley, M. Dunlop, H. Réme, E. Lucek, A. P. Walsh, and L. Yao
Page(s) 1471-1476
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 541 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Air-sea interaction processes over the east-asian marginal seas surrounding the Korean peninsula   
D. Bala Subrahamanyam, Radhika Ramachandran, S. Indira Rani, and B. Prasad Kumar
Page(s) 1477-1486
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  30 Jul 2007
Microphysical and optical properties of precipitating drizzle and ice particles obtained from alternated lidar and in situ measurements   
J.-F. Gayet, I. S. Stachlewska, O. Jourdan, V. Shcherbakov, A. Schwarzenboeck, and R. Neuber
Page(s) 1487-1497
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  30 Jul 2007
Adaptation of an empirical model for erythemal ultraviolet irradiance   
I. Foyo-Moreno, I. Alados, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Page(s) 1499-1508
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  30 Jul 2007
Lightning stroke distance estimation from single station observation and validation with WWLLN data   
V. Ramachandran, J. N. Prakash, A. Deo, and S. Kumar
Page(s) 1509-1517
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 830 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Significant changes in subseries means and variances in an 8000-year precipitation reconstruction from tree rings in the southwestern USA   
Jianmin Jiang, Xiangqian Gu, and Jianhua Ju
Page(s) 1519-1530
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  30 Jul 2007
Daytime F2-layer negative storm effect: what is the difference between storm-induced and Q-disturbance events?   
A. V. Mikhailov, A. H. Depueva, and V. H. Depuev
Page(s) 1531-1541
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 908 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Magnetic perturbations seen by CHAMP and evaluated using the TIE-GCM   
D. T. Mozzoni, M. Mandea, and J. Cain
Page(s) 1543-1554
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8852 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Morphology in the total electron content under geomagnetic disturbed conditions: results from global ionosphere maps   
Zhao Biqiang, Wan Weixing, Liu Libo, and Mao Tian
Page(s) 1555-1568
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 784 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Low latitude ionosphere-thermosphere dynamics studies with inosonde chain in Southeast Asia   
T. Maruyama, M. Kawamura, S. Saito, K. Nozaki, H. Kato, N. Hemmakorn, T. Boonchuk, T. Komolmis, and C. Ha Duyen
Page(s) 1569-1577
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 595 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Generation of mesoscale F layer structure and electric fields by the combined Perkins and Es layer instabilities, in simulations   
R. B. Cosgrove
Page(s) 1579-1601
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1560 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
CHAMP observation of intense kilometer-scale field-aligned currents, evidence for an ionospheric Alfvén resonator   
M. Rother, K. Schlegel, and H. Lühr
Page(s) 1603-1615
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2227 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Observations of significant flux closure by dual lobe reconnection   
S. M. Imber, S. E. Milan, and B. Hubert
Page(s) 1617-1627
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1182 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Poleward moving auroral forms (PMAFs) revisited: responses of aurorae, plasma convection and Birkeland currents in the pre- and postnoon sectors under positive and negative IMF By conditions   
P. E. Sandholt and C. J. Farrugia
Page(s) 1629-1652
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 23369 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Observations at geosynchronous orbit of a persistent Pc5 geomagnetic pulsation and energetic electron flux modulations   
T. E. Sarris, T. M. Loto'aniu, X. Li, and H. J. Singer
Page(s) 1653-1667
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8059 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Motion of flux transfer events: a test of the Cooling model   
R. C. Fear, S. E. Milan, A. N. Fazakerley, C. J. Owen, T. Asikainen, M. G. G. T. Taylor, E. A. Lucek, H. Rème, I. Dandouras, and P. W. Daly
Page(s) 1669-1690
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2803 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
High-latitude plasma convection from Cluster EDI: variances and solar wind correlations   
M. Förster, G. Paschmann, S. E. Haaland, J. M. Quinn, R. B. Torbert, H. Vaith, and C. A. Kletzing
Page(s) 1691-1707
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 7657 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
Multi-scale observations of magnetotail flux transport during IMF-northward non-substorm intervals   
A. Grocott, T. K. Yeoman, S. E. Milan, O. Amm, H. U. Frey, L. Juusola, R. Nakamura, C. J. Owen, H. Rème, and T. Takada
Page(s) 1709-1720
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 740 KB)   

  30 Jul 2007
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