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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 25, issue 5, 2007

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Warm and Dry Spells (WDS) in Austral Winter over Central South America   
P. Satyamurty, M. da Silva Teixeira, and C. Klug Padilha
Page(s) 1049-1069
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  04 Jun 2007
The QBO as potential amplifier and conduit to lower altitudes of solar cycle influence   
H. G. Mayr, J. G. Mengel, C. L. Wolff, F. T. Huang, and H. S. Porter
Page(s) 1071-1092
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  04 Jun 2007
Average thermospheric wind patterns over the polar regions, as observed by CHAMP   
H. Lühr, S. Rentz, P. Ritter, H. Liu, and K. Häusler
Page(s) 1093-1101
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  04 Jun 2007
The effect of subionospheric propagation on whistlers recorded by the DEMETER satellite – observation and modelling   
O. E. Ferencz, Cs. Ferencz, P. Steinbach, J. Lichtenberger, D. Hamar, M. Parrot, F. Lefeuvre, and J.-J. Berthelier
Page(s) 1103-1112
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  04 Jun 2007
Modulation of radio frequency signals by ULF waves   
C. L. Waters, T. K. Yeoman, M. D. Sciffer, P. Ponomarenko, and D. M. Wright
Page(s) 1113-1124
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  04 Jun 2007
Morphology of quantified ionospheric range spread-F over a wide range of midlatitudes in the Australian longitudinal sector   
L. A. Hajkowicz
Page(s) 1125-1130
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  04 Jun 2007
Features of stable diffuse arcs observed by means of auroral tomography   
Zh. V. Dashkevich, V. E. Ivanov, and B. Z. Khudukon
Page(s) 1131-1139
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  04 Jun 2007
A new method to estimate ionospheric electric fields and currents using data from a local ground magnetometer network   
H. Vanhamäki and O. Amm
Page(s) 1141-1156
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  04 Jun 2007
Proton temperature anisotropy in the magnetosheath: comparison of 3-D MHD modelling with Cluster data   
A. A. Samsonov, O. Alexandrova, C. Lacombe, M. Maksimovic, and S. P. Gary
Page(s) 1157-1173
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1662 KB)   

  04 Jun 2007
Energetic particle sounding of the magnetospheric cusp with ISEE-1   
K. E. Whitaker, T. A. Fritz, J. Chen, and M. Klida
Page(s) 1175-1182
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 38719 KB)   

  04 Jun 2007
Solar cycle changes in the geo-effectiveness of small-scale solar wind turbulence measured by Wind and ACE at 1 AU   
M. L. Parkinson, R. C. Healey, and P. L. Dyson
Page(s) 1183-1197
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  04 Jun 2007
Energetic electron precipitation during sawtooth injections   
A. J. Kavanagh, G. Lu, E. F. Donovan, G. D. Reeves, F. Honary, J. Manninen, and T. J. Immel
Page(s) 1199-1214
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3340 KB)   

  04 Jun 2007
IMF dependence of the open-closed field line boundary in Saturn's ionosphere, and its relation to the UV auroral oval observed by the Hubble Space Telescope   
E. S. Belenkaya, I. I. Alexeev, M. S. Blokhina, S. W. H. Cowley, S. V. Badman, V. V. Kalegaev, and M. S. Grigoryan
Page(s) 1215-1226
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4642 KB)   

  04 Jun 2007
The prominent 1.6-year periodicity in solar motion due to the inner planets   
I. Charvátová
Page(s) 1227-1232
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4031 KB)   

  04 Jun 2007
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