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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 25, issue 11, 2007

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Estimation of the oceanic pCO2 in the North Atlantic from VOS lines in-situ measurements: parameters needed to generate seasonally mean maps   
C. Jamet, C. Moulin, and N. Lefèvre
Page(s) 2247-2257
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  29 Nov 2007
Significance tests for the wavelet power and the wavelet power spectrum   
Z. Ge
Page(s) 2259-2269
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 423 KB)   Corrigendum   

  29 Nov 2007
Aerosol distribution over the western Mediterranean basin during a Tramontane/Mistral event   
T. Salameh, P. Drobinski, L. Menut, B. Bessagnet, C. Flamant, A. Hodzic, and R. Vautard
Page(s) 2271-2291
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4371 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Temporal heterogeneity in aerosol characteristics and the resulting radiative impact at a tropical coastal station – Part 1: Microphysical and optical properties   
K. Krishna Moorthy, S. Suresh Babu, and S. K. Satheesh
Page(s) 2293-2308
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1130 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Temporal heterogeneity in aerosol characteristics and the resulting radiative impacts at a tropical coastal station – Part 2: Direct short wave radiative forcing   
S. Suresh Babu, K. Krishna Moorthy, and S. K. Satheesh
Page(s) 2309-2320
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  29 Nov 2007
Stratospheric ozone climatology and variability over a southern subtropical site: Reunion Island (21° S; 55° E)   
V. Sivakumar, T. Portafaix, H. Bencherif, S. Godin-Beekmann, and S. Baldy
Page(s) 2321-2334
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 672 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Objective quantification of perturbations produced with a piecewise PV inversion technique   
L. Fita, R. Romero, and C. Ramis
Page(s) 2335-2349
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  29 Nov 2007
Climatic trends in E-region critical frequency and virtual height above Tromsø (70° N, 10° E)   
C. M. Hall, A. Brekke, and P. S. Cannon
Page(s) 2351-2357
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 470 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
On magnetospheric electron impact ionisation and dynamics in Titan's ram-side and polar ionosphere – a Cassini case study   
K. Agren, J.-E. Wahlund, R. Modolo, D. Lummerzheim, M. Galand, I. Müller-Wodarg, P. Canu, W. S. Kurth, T. E. Cravens, R. V. Yelle, J. H. Waite Jr., A. J. Coates, G. R. Lewis, D. T. Young, C. Bertucci, and M. K. Dougherty
Page(s) 2359-2369
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 968 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
LION: A dynamic computer model for the low-latitude ionosphere   
J. A. Bittencourt, V. G. Pillat, P. R. Fagundes, Y. Sahai, and A. A. Pimenta
Page(s) 2371-2392
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1727 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Electromagnetic energy deposition rate in the polar upper thermosphere derived from the EISCAT Svalbard radar and CUTLASS Finland radar observations   
H. Fujiwara, R. Kataoka, M. Suzuki, S. Maeda, S. Nozawa, K. Hosokawa, H. Fukunishi, N. Sato, and M. Lester
Page(s) 2393-2403
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 870 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Propagation of low frequency geomagnetic field fluctuations in Antarctica: comparison between two polar cap stations   
L. Santarelli, S. Lepidi, and L. Cafarella
Page(s) 2405-2412
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3771 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Scale sizes of intense auroral electric fields observed by Cluster   
T. Johansson, G. Marklund, T. Karlsson, S. Liléo, P.-A. Lindqvist, H. Nilsson, and S. Buchert
Page(s) 2413-2425
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 636 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
A comparison of the probability distribution of observed substorm magnitude with that predicted by a minimal substorm model   
S. K. Morley, M. P. Freeman, and E. I. Tanskanen
Page(s) 2427-2437
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 934 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Internal structure and spatial dimensions of whistler wave regions in the magnetopause boundary layer   
G. Stenberg, T. Oscarsson, M. André, A. Vaivads, M. Backrud-Ivgren, Y. Khotyaintsev, L. Rosenqvist, F. Sahraoui, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin, A. Fazakerley, R. Lundin, and P. M. E. Décréau
Page(s) 2439-2451
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1007 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
Long-duration magnetic clouds: a comparison of analyses using torus- and cylinder-shaped flux rope models   
K. Marubashi and R. P. Lepping
Page(s) 2453-2477
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 9596 KB)   

  29 Nov 2007
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