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ANGEO – Volume 24, issue 5, 2006

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"The 11th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA-11), Taipei, May 2005"
J. J. Makela and J. L. Chau
Page(s) 1279-1280
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  03 Jul 2006
A high-resolution study of mesospheric fine structure with the Jicamarca MST radar   
R. Sheth, E. Kudeki, G. Lehmacher, M. Sarango, R. Woodman, J. Chau, L. Guo, and P. Reyes
Page(s) 1281-1293
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  03 Jul 2006
First E- and D-region incoherent scatter spectra observed over Jicamarca   
J. L. Chau and E. Kudeki
Page(s) 1295-1303
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 385 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Statistics of 150-km echoes over Jicamarca based on low-power VHF observations   
J. L. Chau and E. Kudeki
Page(s) 1305-1310
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 386 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
F-region Pedersen conductivity deduced using the TIMED/GUVI limb retrievals   
H. Kil, M. DeMajistre, L. J. Paxton, and Y. Zhang
Page(s) 1311-1316
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 548 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Observations and modeling of post-midnight uplifts near the magnetic equator   
M. J. Nicolls, M. C. Kelley, M. N. Vlasov, Y. Sahai, J. L. Chau, D. L. Hysell, P. R. Fagundes, F. Becker-Guedes, and W. L. C. Lima
Page(s) 1317-1331
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1363 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
F-region electron density and Te / Ti measurements using incoherent scatter power data collected at ALTAIR   
M. Milla and E. Kudeki
Page(s) 1333-1342
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 831 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Relationships between electron density, height and sub-peak ionospheric thickness in the night equatorial ionosphere   
K. J. W. Lynn, T. J. Harris, and M. Sjarifudin
Page(s) 1343-1353
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 896 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Long-term behavior of the Kelvin waves revealed by CHAMP/GPS RO measurements and their effects on the tropopause structure   
M. Venkat Ratnam, T. Tsuda, T. Kozu, and S. Mori
Page(s) 1355-1366
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 938 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Local ionospheric electrodynamics associated with neutral wind fields at low latitudes: Kelvin-Helmholtz billows   
J. P. St.-Maurice and R. K. Choudhary
Page(s) 1367-1374
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 211 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Imaging science at El Leoncito, Argentina   
C. Martinis, J. Baumgardner, S. M. Smith, M. Colerico, and M. Mendillo
Page(s) 1375-1385
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3392 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Rocket and radar investigation of background electrodynamics and bottom-type scattering layers at the onset of equatorial spread F   
D. L. Hysell, M. F. Larsen, C. M. Swenson, A. Barjatya, T. F. Wheeler, T. W. Bullett, M. F. Sarango, R. F. Woodman, J. L. Chau, and D. Sponseller
Page(s) 1387-1400
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5954 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Equatorial ionospheric disturbance observed through a transequatorial HF propagation experiment   
T. Maruyama and M. Kawamura
Page(s) 1401-1409
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1582 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Eastward traverse of equatorial plasma plumes observed with the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar in Indonesia   
S. Fukao, T. Yokoyama, T. Tayama, M. Yamamoto, T. Maruyama, and S. Saito
Page(s) 1411-1418
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 798 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Simultaneous radar and spaced receiver VHF scintillation observations of ESF irregularities   
D. Tiwari, B. Engavale, A. Bhattacharyya, C. V. Devasia, T. K. Pant, and R. Sridharan
Page(s) 1419-1427
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1440 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Equatorial scintillations in relation to the development of ionization anomaly   
S. Ray, A. Paul, and A. DasGupta
Page(s) 1429-1442
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 436 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Equatorial plasma bubbles in the ionosphere over Eritrea: occurrence and drift speed   
R. H. Wiens, B. M. Ledvina, P. M. Kintner, M. Afewerki, and Z. Mulugheta
Page(s) 1443-1453
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 967 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
ULF fluctuations of the geomagnetic field and ionospheric sounding measurements at low latitudes during the first CAWSES campaign   
U. Villante, M. Vellante, P. Francia, M. De Lauretis, A. Meloni, P. Palangio, B. Zolesi, M. Pezzopane, M. Förster, T. L. Zhang, W. Magnes, P. Nenovski, I. Cholakov, and V. Wesztergom
Page(s) 1455-1468
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 862 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
Top-side ionosphere response to extreme solar events   
A. V. Dmitriev, H.-C. Yeh, J.-K. Chao, I. S. Veselovsky, S.-Y. Su, and C. C. Fu
Page(s) 1469-1477
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 366 KB)   Special issue

  03 Jul 2006
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