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ANGEO – Volume 23, issue 10, 2005

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Efficient data assimilation into a complex, 3-D physical-biogeochemical model using partially-local Kalman filters   
I. Hoteit, G. Triantafyllou, and G. Petihakis
Page(s) 3171-3185
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1145 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Aerodynamic roughness length related to non-aggregated tillage ridges   
M. Kardous, G. Bergametti, and B. Marticorena
Page(s) 3187-3193
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 697 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Wind tunnel experiments on the effects of tillage ridge features on wind erosion horizontal fluxes   
M. Kardous, G. Bergametti, and B. Marticorena
Page(s) 3195-3206
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2250 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Numerical simulation of the Adriatic Sea principal tidal constituents   
I. Janeković and M. Kuzmić
Page(s) 3207-3218
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 9275 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Spatial characteristics of aerosol physical properties over the northeastern parts of peninsular India   
K. Niranjan, B. Melleswara Rao, P. S. Brahmanandam, B. L. Madhavan, V. Sreekanth, and K. Krishna Moorthy
Page(s) 3219-3227
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1309 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
A complex autoregressive model and application to monthly temperature forecasts   
X. Gu and J. Jiang
Page(s) 3229-3235
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 340 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Studies on atmospheric gravity wave activity in the troposphere and lower stratosphere over a tropical station at Gadanki   
I. V. Subba Reddy, D. Narayana Rao, A. Narendra Babu, M. Venkat Ratnam, P. Kishore, and S. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao
Page(s) 3237-3260
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5885 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Solar flux dependence of coherence scales in scintillation patterns produced by ESF irregularities   
B. Engavale, K. Jeeva, K. U. Nair, and A. Bhattacharyya
Page(s) 3261-3266
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 326 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
On the relations between proton influx and D-region electron densities during the polar-cap absorption event of 28-29 October 2003   
J. K. Hargreaves and M. J. Birch
Page(s) 3267-3276
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 404 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Quiet-time mid-latitude trough: influence of convection, field-aligned currents and proton precipitation   
H. Nilsson, T. I. Sergienko, Y. Ebihara, and M. Yamauchi
Page(s) 3277-3288
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1334 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Role of neutral wind and storm time electric fields inferred from the storm time ionization distribution at low latitudes: in-situ measurements by Indian satellite SROSS-C2   
P. Subrahmanyam, A. R. Jain, L. Singh, and S. C. Garg
Page(s) 3289-3299
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 356 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
ELF magnetospheric lines observed by DEMETER   
M. Parrot, F. Němec, O. Santolík, and J. J. Berthelier
Page(s) 3301-3311
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3873 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
A self-consistent derivation of ion drag and Joule heating for atmospheric dynamics in the thermosphere   
X. Zhu, E. R. Talaat, J. B. H. Baker, and J.-H. Yee
Page(s) 3313-3322
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 309 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Is there a plasma density gradient role on the generation of short-scale Farley-Buneman waves?   
C. Haldoupis, T. Ogawa, K. Schlegel, J. A. Koehler, and T. Ono
Page(s) 3323-3337
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1162 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Statistical phase propagation and dispersion analysis of low frequency waves in the magnetosheath   
S. Schäfer, K.-H. Glassmeier, Y. Narita, K. H. Fornaçon, I. Dandouras, and M. Fränz
Page(s) 3339-3349
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 689 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Dawn-dusk asymmetries and sub-Alfvénic flow in the high and low latitude magnetosheath   
M. Longmore, S. J. Schwartz, J. Geach, B. M. A. Cooling, I. Dandouras, E. A. Lucek, and A. N. Fazakerley
Page(s) 3351-3364
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1002 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Energy release and conversion by reconnection in the magnetotail   
J. Birn and M. Hesse
Page(s) 3365-3373
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1107 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Excitation of field line resonances by sources outside the magnetosphere   
A. D. M. Walker
Page(s) 3375-3388
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1084 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
Electron dynamics during substorm dipolarization in Mercury's magnetosphere   
D. C. Delcourt, K. Seki, N. Terada, and Y. Miyoshi
Page(s) 3389-3398
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2243 KB)   

  30 Nov 2005
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