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ANGEO – Volume 23, issue 1, 2005

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Preface: Eleventh International EISCATWorkshop   
Page(s) 1-1
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  31 Jan 2005
Dynamic rayed aurora and enhanced ion-acoustic radar echoes   
E. M. Blixt, T. Grydeland, N. Ivchenko, T. Hagfors, C. La Hoz, B. S. Lanchester, U. P. Løvhaug, and T. S. Trondsen
Page(s) 3-11
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  31 Jan 2005
Origin of type-2 thermal-ion upflows in the auroral ionosphere   
L. M. Kagan and J.-P. St.-Maurice
Page(s) 13-24
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  31 Jan 2005
Spatial structure of summertime ionospheric plasma near magnetic noon   
R. W. Sims, S. E. Pryse, and W. F. Denig
Page(s) 25-37
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  31 Jan 2005
A procedure to correct the effects of a relative delay between the quadrature components of radar signals at base band   
Grydeland, La Hoz, Belyey, and Westman
Page(s) 39-46
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  31 Jan 2005
HF-induced airglow at magnetic zenith: theoretical considerations   
E. V. Mishin, W. J. Burke, and T. Pedersen
Page(s) 47-53
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  31 Jan 2005
An interferometer experiment to explore the aspect angle dependence of stimulated electromagnetic emission spectra   
Isham, Hagfors, Khudukon, Yu. Yurik, Tereshchenko, Rietveld, Belyey, Grill, La Hoz, Brekke, and Heinselman
Page(s) 55-74
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  31 Jan 2005
Observations of time dependence and aspect sensitivity of regions of enhanced UHF backscatter associated with RF heating   
R. S. Dhillon and T. R. Robinson
Page(s) 75-85
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  31 Jan 2005
Phenomena in the ionosphere-magnetosphere system induced by injection of powerful HF radio waves into nightside auroral ionosphere   
N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya, T. D. Borisova, V. A. Kornienko, B. Thidé, M. T. Rietveld, M. J. Kosch, and T. Bösinger
Page(s) 87-100
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  31 Jan 2005
Pulsed energy storage antennas for ionospheric modification   
R. F. Wuerker, J. Chen, W. Beam, and E. Nichols
Page(s) 101-107
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  31 Jan 2005
Software Radar signal processing   
T. Grydeland, F. D. Lind, P. J. Erickson, and J. M. Holt
Page(s) 109-121
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  31 Jan 2005
Estimates of magnetotail reconnection rate based on IMAGE FUV and EISCAT measurements   
N. Østgaard, J. Moen, S. B. Mende, H. U. Frey, T. J. Immel, P. Gallop, K. Oksavik, and M. Fujimoto
Page(s) 123-134
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  31 Jan 2005
Comparison of the characteristic energy of precipitating electrons derived from ground-based and DMSP satellite data   
M. Ashrafi, M. J. Kosch, and F. Honary
Page(s) 135-145
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  31 Jan 2005
First direct evidence of meso-scale variability on ion-neutral dynamics using co-located tristatic FPIs and EISCAT radar in Northern Scandinavia   
A. L. Aruliah, E. M. Griffin, A. D. Aylward, E. A. K. Ford, M. J. Kosch, C. J. Davis, V. S. C. Howells, S. E. Pryse, H. R. Middleton, and J. Jussila
Page(s) 147-162
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3135 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
Observations of the April 2002 geomagnetic storm by the global network of incoherent scatter radars   
L. P. Goncharenko, J. E. Salah, A. van Eyken, V. Howells, J. P. Thayer, V. I. Taran, B. Shpynev, Q. Zhou, and J. Chau
Page(s) 163-181
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2534 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
Comparison of EISCAT and ionosonde electron densities: application to a ground-based ionospheric segment of a space weather programme   
J. Lilensten, Lj. R. Cander, M. T. Rietveld, P. S. Cannon, and M. Barthélémy
Page(s) 183-189
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 416 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
Polar F-layer model-observation comparisons: a neutral wind surprise   
J. J. Sojka, M. David, R. W. Schunk, and A. P. van Eyken
Page(s) 191-199
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 743 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
Meteor head echoes - observations and models   
A. Pellinen-Wannberg
Page(s) 201-205
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 346 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
Range imaging observations of PMSE using the EISCAT VHF radar: Phase calibration and first results   
J. R. Fernandez, R. D. Palmer, P. B. Chilson, I. Häggström, and M. T. Rietveld
Page(s) 207-220
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1225 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
An imaging interferometry capability for the EISCAT Svalbard Radar   
T. Grydeland, J. L. Chau, C. La Hoz, and A. Brekke
Page(s) 221-230
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 326 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2005
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