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ANGEO – Volume 22, issue 6, 2004

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Aerosol spectral optical depths and size characteristics at a coastal industriallocation in India - effect of synoptic and mesoscale weather   
K. Niranjan, B. Malleswara Rao, A. Saha, and K. S. R. Murty
Page(s) 1851-1860
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  14 Jun 2004
Analysis of the role of the planetary boundary layer schemes during a severe convective storm   
J. S. P. Wisse and J. Vilà-Guerau de Arellano
Page(s) 1861-1874
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  14 Jun 2004
A case study of gravity waves in noctilucent clouds   
P. Dalin, S. Kirkwood, A. Moström, K. Stebel, P. Hoffmann, and W. Singer
Page(s) 1875-1884
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  14 Jun 2004
Modeling study of mesospheric planetary waves: genesis and characteristics   
H. G. Mayr, J. G. Mengel, E. R. Talaat, H. S. Porter, and K. L. Chan
Page(s) 1885-1902
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  14 Jun 2004
Quality assessment of ground-based microwave measurements of chlorine monoxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide from the NDSC radiometer at the Plateau de Bure   
P. Ricaud, P. Baron, and J. de La Noë
Page(s) 1903-1915
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  14 Jun 2004
Quasi-two-day wave in an unstable summer atmosphere - some numerical results on excitation and propagation   
E. G. Merzlyakov and Ch. Jacobi
Page(s) 1917-1929
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  14 Jun 2004
Climatological lower thermosphere winds as seen by ground-based and space-based instruments   
J. M. Forbes, Yu. I. Portnyagin, W. Skinner, R. A. Vincent, T. Solovjova, E. Merzlyakov, T. Nakamura, and S. Palo
Page(s) 1931-1945
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  14 Jun 2004
The OI 630.0 and 557.7nm dayglow measured by WINDII and modeled by TRANSCAR   
F. Culot, C. Lathuillère, J. Lilensten, and O. Witasse
Page(s) 1947-1960
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  14 Jun 2004
Testing an inversion method for estimating electron energy fluxes from all-sky camera images   
N. Partamies, P. Janhunen, K. Kauristie, S. Mäkinen, and T. Sergienko
Page(s) 1961-1971
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  14 Jun 2004
The dynamics and relationships of precipitation, temperature and convection boundaries in the dayside auroral ionosphere   
J. Moen, M. Lockwood, K. Oksavik, H. C. Carlson, W. F. Denig, A. P. van Eyken, and I. W. McCrea
Page(s) 1973-1987
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  14 Jun 2004
Dispersive changes in magnetic background noise polarization at 0.1 to 6Hz during sunset and sunrise at L=1.3   
T. Bösinger and S. L. Shalimov
Page(s) 1989-2000
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  14 Jun 2004
High-latitude ionospheric currents during very quiet times: their characteristics and predictability   
P. Ritter, H. Lühr, S. Maus, and A. Viljanen
Page(s) 2001-2014
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  14 Jun 2004
Comparison of high latitude electron density profiles obtained with the GPS radio occultation technique and EISCAT measurements   
C. Stolle, N. Jakowski, K. Schlegel, and M. Rietveld
Page(s) 2015-2022
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 502 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Ionospheric propagation effects on spectral widths measured by SuperDARN HF radars   
X. Vallières, J.-P. Villain, C. Hanuise, and R. André
Page(s) 2023-2031
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 422 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
In situ measurements of sub-meter plasma waves over low-latitude ionosphere during Leonid-99 meteor storm   
S. P. Gupta, R. Sekar, and Y. B. Acharya
Page(s) 2033-2036
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 185 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Model results for the ionospheric lower transition height over mid-latitude   
J. Lei, L. Liu, W. Wan, and S.-R. Zhang
Page(s) 2037-2045
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  14 Jun 2004
Enhancement in electron and ion temperatures due to solar flares as measured by SROSS-C2 satellite   
D. K. Sharma, J. Rai, M. Israil, P. Subrahmanyam, P. Chopra, and S. C. Garg
Page(s) 2047-2052
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 218 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Some aspects of the geomagnetic response to solar wind pressure variations: a case study at low and middle latitudes   
U. Villante and P. Di Giuseppe
Page(s) 2053-2066
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 384 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Generation mechanism for VLF chorus emissions observed at a low-latitude ground station   
A. K. Singh and K. Rönnmark
Page(s) 2067-2072
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 350 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Spacecraft potential effects on electron moments derived from a perfect plasma detector   
V. Génot and S. J. Schwartz
Page(s) 2073-2080
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 285 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Alfvén wave interaction with inhomogeneous plasmas: acceleration and energy cascade towards small-scales   
V. Génot, P. Louarn, and F. Mottez
Page(s) 2081-2096
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8914 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Pi2-pulsations observed in energetic electron precipitation and magnetic field in association with a substorm surge   
A. Åsnes, J. Stadsnes, J. Bjordal, N. Østgaard, D. L. Detrick, T. J. Rosenberg, and S. E. Haaland
Page(s) 2097-2105
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8497 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Average characteristics of the midtail plasma sheet in different dynamic regimes of the magnetosphere   
N. P. Dmitrieva, V. A. Sergeev, and M. A. Shukhtina
Page(s) 2107-2113
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 487 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Ion shell distributions as free energy source for plasma waves on auroral field lines mapping to plasma sheet boundary layer   
A. Olsson, P. Janhunen, and W. K. Peterson
Page(s) 2115-2133
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3919 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Substorm behavior of the auroral electrojet indices   
J. W. Gjerloev, R. A. Hoffman, M. M. Friel, L. A. Frank, and J. B. Sigwarth
Page(s) 2135-2149
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2540 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Observed and simulated depletion layers with southward IMF   
N. C. Maynard, W. J. Burke, J. D. Scudder, D. M. Ober, G. L. Siscoe, W. W. White, K. D. Siebert, D. R. Weimer, G. M. Erickson, J. Schoendorf, and M. A. Heinemann
Page(s) 2151-2169
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1492 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Resonant three-wave interaction in the presence of suprathermal electron fluxes   
C. Krafft and A. Volokitin
Page(s) 2171-2179
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 780 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Simultaneous observations of magnetopause flux transfer events and of their associated signatures at ionospheric altitudes   
K. A. McWilliams, G. J. Sofko, T. K. Yeoman, S. E. Milan, D. G. Sibeck, T. Nagai, T. Mukai, I. J. Coleman, T. Hori, and F. J. Rich
Page(s) 2181-2199
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1433 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Distinct solar wind pressure pulses producing convection twin-vortex systems in the ionosphere   
D. V. Sarafopoulos
Page(s) 2201-2211
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3945 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Different Alfvén wave acceleration processes of electrons in substorms at ~4-5 RE and 2-3 RE radial distance   
P. Janhunen, A. Olsson, J. Hanasz, C. T. Russell, H. Laakso, and J. C. Samson
Page(s) 2213-2227
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1933 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Perturbations of the solar wind flow by radial and latitudinal pick-up ion pressure gradients   
H. J. Fahr and K. Scherer
Page(s) 2229-2238
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2350 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Prediction of solar activity on the basis of spectral characteristics of sunspot number   
E. Echer, N. R. Rigozo, D. J. R. Nordemann, and L. E. A. Vieira
Page(s) 2239-2243
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 279 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
A numerical study of two interacting coronal mass ejections   
J. M. Schmidt and P. J. Cargill
Page(s) 2245-2254
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 656 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Statistical analysis of solar proton events   
V. Kurt, A. Belov, H. Mavromichalaki, and M. Gerontidou
Page(s) 2255-2271
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1470 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Estimation of past solar and upper atmosphere conditions from historical and modern auroral observations   
W. Schröder, N. N. Shefov, and H.-J. Treder
Page(s) 2273-2276
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 146 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Solar wind modulation of the Martian ionosphere observed by Mars Global Surveyor   
J.-S. Wang and E. Nielsen
Page(s) 2277-2281
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1595 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
Magnetic turbulent spectra in the magnetosheath: new insights   
F. Sahraoui, G. Belmont, J. L. Pinçon, L. Rezeau, A. Balogh, P. Robert, and N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin
Page(s) 2283-2288
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 635 KB)   

  14 Jun 2004
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