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ANGEO – Volume 22, issue 2, 2004

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Comparison of ECMWF surface meteorology and buoy observations in the Ligurian Sea   
R. Bozzano, A. Siccardi, M. E. Schiano, M. Borghini, and S. Castellari
Page(s) 317-330
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4361 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Evidence of different ocean responses to atmospheric pressurevariations in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Basins as deduced fromERS-2 altimetric data   
J. Gómez-Enri, P. Villares, M. Bruno, and M. Catalán
Page(s) 331-345
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1779 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Longitudinal and latitudinal variations in dynamic characteristics of the MLT (70−95km): a study involving the CUJO network   
A. H. Manson, C. E. Meek, T. Chshyolkova, S. K. Avery, D. Thorsen, J. W. MacDougall, W. Hocking, Y. Murayama, K. Igarashi, S. P. Namboothiri, and P. Kishore
Page(s) 347-365
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 18616 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Mesopause dynamics from the scandinavian triangle of radars within the PSMOS-DATAR Project   
A. H. Manson, C. E. Meek, C. M. Hall, S. Nozawa, N. J. Mitchell, D. Pancheva, W. Singer, and P. Hoffmann
Page(s) 367-386
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 12046 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Meteor radar observations of atmospheric waves in the equatorial mesosphere/lower thermosphere over Ascension Island   
D. Pancheva, N. J. Mitchell, and P. T. Younger
Page(s) 387-404
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3130 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Latitudinal variations of TEC over Europe obtained from GPSobservations   
P. Wielgosz, L. W. Baran, I. I. Shagimuratov, and M. V. Aleshnikova
Page(s) 405-415
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1586 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Ionospheric currents estimated simultaneously from CHAMP satelliteand IMAGE ground-based magnetic field measurements: a statisticalstudy at auroral latitudes   
P. Ritter, H. Lühr, A. Viljanen, O. Amm, A. Pulkkinen, and I. Sillanpää
Page(s) 417-430
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2308 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Anomalous nighttime electron temperatures over Millstone Hill: a statistical study   
V. V. Lobzin and A. V. Pavlov
Page(s) 431-439
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 673 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Variations of thermospheric composition according to AE-C data and CTIP modelling   
H. Rishbeth, R. A. Heelis, and I. C. F. Müller-Wodarg
Page(s) 441-452
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3888 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Diurnal and seasonal variations of hmF2 deduced from digitalionosonde over New Delhi and its comparison with IRI 2001   
N. K. Sethi, R. S. Dabas, and V. K. Vohra
Page(s) 453-458
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1115 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Stereo CUTLASS - A new capability for the SuperDARN HF radars   
M. Lester, P. J. Chapman, S. W. H. Cowley, S. J. Crooks, J. A. Davies, P. Hamadyk, K. A. McWilliams, S. E. Milan, M. J. Parsons, D. B. Payne, E. C. Thomas, J. D. Thornhill, N. M. Wade, T. K. Yeoman, and R. J. Barnes
Page(s) 459-473
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1732 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Effects of energetic electrons on the electrodynamics in the ionosphere   
A. Aksnes, J. Stadsnes, G. Lu, N. Østgaard, R. R. Vondrak, D. L. Detrick, T. J. Rosenberg, G. A. Germany, and M. Schulz
Page(s) 475-496
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6854 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Magnetospheric convection electric field dynamics andstormtime particle energization: case study of the magneticstorm of 4 May 1998   
G. V. Khazanov, M. W. Liemohn, T. S. Newman, M.-C. Fok, and A. J. Ridley
Page(s) 497-510
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2714 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Simultaneous optical, CUTLASS HF radar, and FAST spacecraft observations: signatures of boundary layer processes in the cusp   
K. Oksavik, F. Søraas, J. Moen, R. Pfaff, J. A. Davies, and M. Lester
Page(s) 511-525
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2142 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Evidence for energetic electron and iondispersive microinjections in theEarth's magnetotail as far as 27 RE   
D. V. Sarafopoulos, E. T. Sarris, and V. Lutsenko
Page(s) 527-535
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 702 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Auroral streamers: characteristics of associated precipitation,convection and field-aligned currents   
V. A. Sergeev, K. Liou, P. T. Newell, S.-I. Ohtani, M. R. Hairston, and F. Rich
Page(s) 537-548
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1446 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Ionospheric energy input as a function of solar wind parameters: global MHD simulation results   
M. Palmroth, P. Janhunen, T. I. Pulkkinen, and H. E. J. Koskinen
Page(s) 549-566
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2147 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Ionospheric control of the magnetosphere: conductance   
A. J. Ridley, T. I. Gombosi, and D. L. DeZeeuw
Page(s) 567-584
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 11546 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Occurrence statistics of magnetic impulsive events   
T. Moretto, D. G. Sibeck, and J. F. Watermann
Page(s) 585-602
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 466 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
On the cessation of magnetic reconnection   
M. Hesse and J. Birn
Page(s) 603-612
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 410 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Dayside aurora and the role of IMF ∣By∣/∣Bz∣: detailed morphology and response to magnetopause reconnection   
P. E. Sandholt, C. J. Farrugia, and W. F. Denig
Page(s) 613-628
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2117 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Correlation of Pc5 wave power inside and outside themagnetosphere during high speed streams   
R. L. Kessel, I. R. Mann, S. F. Fung, D. K. Milling, and N. O'Connell
Page(s) 629-641
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3288 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
An effect of the ionospheric Alfvén resonator on multiband Pc1 pulsations   
K. Prikner, K. Mursula, J. Kangas, R. Kerttula, and F. Z. Feygin
Page(s) 643-651
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 7256 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Modelling of the ring current in Saturn's magnetosphere   
G. Giampieri and M. K. Dougherty
Page(s) 653-659
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 486 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Predictions of the arrival time of Coronal Mass Ejections at 1AU: an analysis of the causes of errors   
M. Owens and P. Cargill
Page(s) 661-671
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 906 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Formation of a strong southward IMF near the solar maximum of cycle 23   
S. Watari, M. Vandas, and T. Watanabe
Page(s) 673-687
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2138 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Compressive fluctuations in high-latitude solar wind   
B. Bavassano, E. Pietropaolo, and R. Bruno
Page(s) 689-696
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2018 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Urban effect on the characteristics of cloud-to-groundlightning over Belo Horizonte-Brazil   
I. R. C. A. Pinto, O. Pinto Jr., M. A. S. S. Gomes, and N. J. Ferreira
Page(s) 697-700
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 855 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
Unexpectedly small semidiurnal tidal wind amplitudes in the mid-latitudemesopause region during September 2002   
D. Kürschner and Ch. Jacobi
Page(s) 701-704
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 251 KB)   

  01 Jan 2004
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