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ANGEO – Volume 21, 2003

Low- and high-frequency spectral behavior of cosmic-ray intensity for the period 1953–1996   
H. Mavromichalaki, P. Preka-Papadema, B. Petropoulos, I. Tsagouri, S. Georgakopoulos, and J. Polygiannakis
Page(s) 1681-1689
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Corotation-driven magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in Saturn’s magnetosphere and their relation to the auroras   
S. W. H. Cowley and E. J. Bunce
Page(s) 1691-1707
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Azimuthal magnetic fields in Saturn’s magnetosphere: effects associated with plasma sub-corotation and the magnetopause-tail current system   
E. J. Bunce, S. W. H. Cowley, and J. A. Wild
Page(s) 1709-1722
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A quantitative model of the planetary Na+ contribution to Mercury’s magnetosphere   
D. C. Delcourt, S. Grimald, F. Leblanc, J.-J. Berthelier, A. Millilo, A. Mura, S. Orsini, and T. E. Moore
Page(s) 1723-1736
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Mesoscale structure of a morning sector ionospheric shear flow region determined by conjugate Cluster II and MIRACLE ground-based observations   
O. Amm, A. Aikio, J.-M. Bosqued, M. Dunlop, A. Fazakerley, P. Janhunen, K. Kauristie, M. Lester, I. Sillanpää, M. G. G. T. Taylor, A. Vontrat-Reberac, K. Mursula, and M. André
Page(s) 1737-1751
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Modeling transverse heating and outflow of ionospheric ions from the dayside cusp/cleft. 1 A parametric study   
M. Bouhram, M. Malingre, J. R. Jasperse, and N. Dubouloz
Page(s) 1753-1771
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Modeling transverse heating and outflow of ionospheric ions from the dayside cusp/cleft. 2 Applications   
M. Bouhram, M. Malingre, J. R. Jasperse, N. Dubouloz, and J.-A. Sauvaud
Page(s) 1773-1791
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Azimuthal expansion of high-latitude auroral arcs   
V. V. Safargaleev, A. E. Kozlovsky, S. V. Osipenko, and V. R. Tagirov
Page(s) 1793-1805
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Coordinated interhemispheric SuperDARN radar observations of the ionospheric response to flux transfer events observed by the Cluster spacecraft at the high-latitude magnetopause   
J. A. Wild, S. E. Milan, S. W. H. Cowley, M. W. Dunlop, C. J. Owen, J. M. Bosqued, M. G. G. T. Taylor, J. A. Davies, M. Lester, N. Sato, A. S. Yukimatu, A. N. Fazakerley, A. Balogh, and H. Rème
Page(s) 1807-1826
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Simulation study of the high-latitude F-layer modification by powerful HF waves with different frequencies for autumn conditions   
G. I. Mingaleva, V. S. Mingalev, and I. V. Mingalev
Page(s) 1827-1838
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Turbulence characteristics inside ionospheric small-scale expanding structures observed with SuperDARN HF radars   
R. André, C. Hanuise, J.-P. Villain, and V. Krasnoselskikh
Page(s) 1839-1845
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On the occurrence and motion of decametre-scale irregularities in the sub-auroral, auroral, and polar cap ionosphere   
M. L. Parkinson, J. C. Devlin, H. Ye, C. L. Waters, P. L. Dyson, A. M. Breed, and R. J. Morris
Page(s) 1847-1868
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Case study of the development of polar stratospheric clouds using bistatic imaging   
C.-F. Enell, U. Brändström, B. Gustavsson, S. Kirkwood, K. Stebel, and A. Steen
Page(s) 1869-1878
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Validation of GOME ozone profiles by means of the ALOMAR ozone lidar   
G. Hansen, K. Bramstedt, V. Rozanov, M. Weber, and J. P. Burrows
Page(s) 1879-1886
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Nonlinear (MARS) modeling of long-term variations of surface UV-B radiation as revealed from the analysis of Belsk, Poland data for the period 1976–2000   
J. W. Krzyścin
Page(s) 1887-1896
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Barometric tides from ECMWF operational analyses   
R. D. Ray and R. M. Ponte
Page(s) 1897-1910
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