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ANGEO – Volume 21, issue 7, 2003

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Interaction of suprathermal solar wind electron fluxes with sheared whistler waves: fan instability   
C. Krafft and A. Volokitin
Page(s) 1393-1403
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 415 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
A consistent thermodynamics of the MHD wave-heated two-fluid solar wind   
I. V. Chashei, H. J. Fahr, and G. Lay
Page(s) 1405-1418
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 281 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in Jupiter’s middle magnetosphere: dependence on the effective ionospheric Pedersen conductivity and iogenic plasma mass outflow rate   
J. D. Nichols and S. W. H. Cowley
Page(s) 1419-1441
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4022 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Conjugate high-intensity energetic electron precipitation at high latitude   
T. Christensen, N. Østgaard, T. J. Rosenberg, D. L. Detrick, G. A. Germany, and P. Stauning
Page(s) 1443-1455
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2332 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
On the existence of Alfvén waves in the terrestrial foreshock   
J. P. Eastwood, A. Balogh, E. A. Lucek, C. Mazelle, and I. Dandouras
Page(s) 1457-1465
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 422 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
The location and rate of dayside reconnection during an interval of southward interplanetary magnetic field   
M. Pinnock, G. Chisham, I. J. Coleman, M. P. Freeman, M. Hairston, and J.-P. Villain
Page(s) 1467-1482
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 538 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Observation of energy-time dispersed ion structures in the magnetosheath by CLUSTER: possible signatures of transient acceleration processes at shock   
P. Louarn, E. Budnik, J. A. Sauvaud, G. Parks, K. Meziane, J. M. Bosqued, I. Dandouras, H. Rème, U. Mall, P. Daly, M. Dunlop, A. Balogh, L. M. Kistler, and E. Amata
Page(s) 1483-1495
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 999 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Bi-directional electrons in the near-Earth plasma sheet   
K. Shiokawa, W. Baumjohann, and G. Paschmann
Page(s) 1497-1507
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1303 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
High-latitude dayside ionosphere response to Pc5 field line resonance   
F. Pitout, P. Eglitis, and P.-L. Blelly
Page(s) 1509-1520
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3072 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Vertical motion of ionization induced by the linear interaction of tides with planetary waves   
M. Voiculescu and M. Ignat
Page(s) 1521-1529
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 256 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Transient production of F-region irregularities associated with TCV passage   
R. Kataoka, H. Fukunishi, K. Hosokawa, H. Fujiwara, A. S. Yukimatu, N. Sato, and Y.-K. Tung
Page(s) 1531-1541
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 842 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Persistence of the planetary wave type oscillations in foF2 over Europe   
J. Laštovička, P. Križan, P. Šauli, and D. Novotná
Page(s) 1543-1552
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 456 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Interhemispheric comparison of spectral width boundary as observed by SuperDARN radars   
K. Hosokawa, E. E. Woodfield, M. Lester, S. E. Milan, N. Sato, A. S. Yukimatu, and T. Iyemori
Page(s) 1553-1565
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1582 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
E-region echo characteristics governed by auroral arc electrodynamics   
S. E. Milan, N. Sato, M. Lester, Y. Murata, Y. Shinkai, H. Doi, H. U. Frey, and T. Saemundsson
Page(s) 1567-1575
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 754 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Six-day westward propagating wave in the maximum electron density of the ionosphere   
D. Altadill, E. M. Apostolov, Ch. Jacobi, and N. J. Mitchell
Page(s) 1577-1588
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 748 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
50 MHz continuous wave interferometer observations of the unstable mid-latitude E-region ionosphere   
C. Haldoupis, A. Bourdillon, A. Kamburelis, G. C. Hussey, and J. A. Koehler
Page(s) 1589-1600
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1214 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
New method in computer simulations of electron and ion densities and temperatures in the plasmasphere and low-latitude ionosphere   
A. V. Pavlov
Page(s) 1601-1628
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 853 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
High resolution measurements and modeling of auroral hydrogen emission line profiles   
B. S. Lanchester, M. Galand, S. C. Robertson, M. H. Rees, D. Lummerzheim, I. Furniss, L. M. Peticolas, H. U. Frey, J. Baumgardner, and M. Mendillo
Page(s) 1629-1643
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1523 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
An efficient algorithm for the large-scale smoothing of scattered data retrieved from remote sounding experiments   
D. Fussen
Page(s) 1645-1652
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 275 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Generation of layering in the upper arctic troposphere away from the jet stream   
A. Karpetchko, E. Kyro, and P. von der Gathen
Page(s) 1653-1665
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 870 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
Wind Speed dependence of Air-Sea Exchange parameters over the Indian Ocean during INDOEX, IFP-99   
D. Bala Subrahamanyam and R. Ramachandran
Page(s) 1667-1679
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 884 KB)   

  31 Jul 2003
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