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ANGEO – Volume 21, 2003

On the solar origin of interplanetary disturbances observed in the vicinity of the Earth   
N. Vilmer, M. Pick, R. Schwenn, P. Ballatore, and J. P. Villain
Page(s) 847-862
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Reconstructing the long-term cosmic ray intensity: linear relations do not work   
K. Mursula, I. G. Usoskin, and G. A. Kovaltsov
Page(s) 863-867
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Substorm-associated large-scale magnetic field changes in the magnetotail: a prerequisite for "magnetotail deflation" events   
H. Nakai and Y. Kamide
Page(s) 869-879
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Generation of Bernstein waves by ion shell distributions in the auroral region   
P. Janhunen, A. Olsson, A. Vaivads, and W. K. Peterson
Page(s) 881-891
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On the lifetime and extent of an auroral westward flow channel (AWFC) observed during a magnetospheric substorm   
M. L. Parkinson, M. Pinnock, H. Ye, M. R. Hairston, J. C. Devlin, P. L. Dyson, R. J. Morris, and P. Ponomarenko
Page(s) 893-913
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Spacecraft potential during an active experiment: a comparison of experimental results with a simple model   
P. Žilavý, L. Přech, Z. Nĕmeček, and J. Šafránková
Page(s) 915-922
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Low frequency geomagnetic field variations at Dome C (Antarctica)   
S. Lepidi, L. Cafarella, P. Francia, A. Meloni, P. Palangio, and J. J. Schott
Page(s) 923-932
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Optical signatures of auroral arcs produced by field line resonances: comparison with satellite observations and modeling   
J. C. Samson, R. Rankin, and V. T. Tikhonchuk
Page(s) 933-945
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The dependence of cusp ion signatures on the reconnection rate   
S. K. Morley and M. Lockwood
Page(s) 947-953
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IMF control of cusp proton emission intensity and dayside convection: implications for component and anti-parallel reconnection   
M. Lockwood, B. S. Lanchester, H. U. Frey, K. Throp, S. K. Morley, S. E. Milan, and M. Lester
Page(s) 955-982
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A technique for accurately determining the cusp-region polar cap boundary using SuperDARN HF radar measurements   
G. Chisham and M. P. Freeman
Page(s) 983-996
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Observations of the spatial structure of electron precipitation pulsations using an imaging riometer   
A. Senior and F. Honary
Page(s) 997-1003
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Model interpretation of the ionospheric F-region electron density structures observed by ground-based satellite tomography at sub-auroral and auroral latitudes in Russia in January–May 1999   
A. N. Namgaladze, O. V. Evstafiev, B. Z. Khudukon, and A. A. Namgaladze
Page(s) 1005-1016
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Vertical E × B drift velocity variations and associated low-latitude ionospheric irregularities investigated with the TOPEX and GPS satellite data   
I. Horvath and E. A. Essex
Page(s) 1017-1030
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Comparison of travelling ionospheric disturbance measurements with thermosphere/ionosphere model results   
Ya. F. Ashkaliev, G. I. Gordienko, Ch. Jacobi, Yu. G. Litvinov, V. V. Vodyannikov, and A. F. Yakovets
Page(s) 1031-1037
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The intermediate layers and associated tidal motions observed by a digisonde in the equatorial anomaly region   
C.-C. Lee, J.-Y. Liu, C.-J. Pan, and H.-H. Hsu
Page(s) 1039-1045
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Finland HF and Esrange MST radar observations of polar mesosphere summer echoes   
T. Ogawa, N. F. Arnold, S. Kirkwood, N. Nishitani, and M. Lester
Page(s) 1047-1055
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Observation of an unusual mid-stratospheric aerosol layer in the Arctic: possible sources and implications for polar vortex dynamics   
M. Gerding, G. Baumgarten, U. Blum, J. P. Thayer, K.-H. Fricke, R. Neuber, and J. Fiedler
Page(s) 1057-1069
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