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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 20, issue 8, 2002

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Downward ion acceleration at auroral latitudes: cause of parallel electric field   
B. Hultqvist
Page(s) 1117-1136
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  31 Aug 2002
Does the magnetosphere behave differently on weekends?   
A. Karinen, K. Mursula, Th. Ulich, and J. Manninen
Page(s) 1137-1142
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  31 Aug 2002
Geomagnetic field fluctuations during the passage at the Earth’s orbit of the tail of the 15–16 July 2000 ejecta   
P. Francia, S. Lepidi, and K. Yumoto
Page(s) 1143-1152
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 430 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Ion sense of polarization of the electromagnetic wave field in the electron whistler frequency band   
B. Lundin and C. Krafft
Page(s) 1153-1165
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 365 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Imaging radar observations and nonlocal theory of large-scale plasma waves in the equatorial electrojet   
D. L. Hysell and J. L. Chau
Page(s) 1167-1179
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2234 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Instantaneous ionospheric global conductance maps during an isolated substorm   
A. Aksnes, J. Stadsnes, J. Bjordal, N. Østgaard, R. R. Vondrak, D. L. Detrick, T. J. Rosenberg, G. A. Germany, and D. Chenette
Page(s) 1181-1191
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4091 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
A model of mid-latitude E-region plasma convergence inside a planetary wave cyclonic vortex   
S. Shalimov and C. Haldoupis
Page(s) 1193-1201
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 392 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Statistical characteristics of low-latitude ionospheric field-aligned irregularities obtained with the Piura VHF radar   
J. L. Chau, R. F. Woodman, and L. A. Flores
Page(s) 1203-1212
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 387 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Statistical characteristics of Doppler spectral width as observed by the conjugate SuperDARN radars   
K. Hosokawa, E. E. Woodfield, M. Lester, S. E. Milan, N. Sato, A. S. Yukimatu, and T. Iyemori
Page(s) 1213-1223
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 319 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
On the nature of nighttime ionisation enhancements observed with the Athens Digisonde   
I. Tsagouri and A. Belehaki
Page(s) 1225-1238
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2113 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Climatological studies of the quasi 16-day oscillations in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at Yamagawa (31.2° N, 130.6° E), Japan   
S. P. Namboothiri, P. Kishore, and K. Igarashi
Page(s) 1239-1246
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 508 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Letter to the Editor
Forbush precursory increase and shock-associated particles on 20 October 1989
A. Struminsky
Page(s) 1247-1252
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 259 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Letter to the Editor
Abel transform inversion of radio occultation measurements made with a receiver inside the Earth’s atmosphere
S. B. Healy, J. Haase, and O. Lesne
Page(s) 1253-1256
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 155 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
Letter to the Editor
Retrieval of land surface temperature from combined AVHRR data
Y.-Y. Sun, F.-M. Göttsche, F.-S. Olesen, and H. Fischer
Page(s) 1257-1259
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 50 KB)   

  31 Aug 2002
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