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ANGEO – Volume 20, 2002

The science of space weather
M. Hapgood
Page(s) 875-877
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Modelling interplanetary CMEs using magnetohydrodynamic simulations   
P. J. Cargill and J. M. Schmidt
Page(s) 879-890
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Halo-coronal mass ejections near the 23rd solar minimum: lift-off, inner heliosphere, and in situ (1 AU) signatures   
D. B. Berdichevsky, C. J. Farrugia, B. J. Thompson, R. P. Lepping, D. V. Reames, M. L. Kaiser, J. T. Steinberg, S. P. Plunkett, and D. J. Michels
Page(s) 891-916
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 11933 KB)   Special Issue

Arrival times of Flare/Halo CME associated shocks at the Earth: comparison of the predictions of three numerical models with these observations   
S. M. P. McKenna-Lawlor, M. Dryer, Z. Smith, K. Kecskemety, C. D. Fry, W. Sun, C. S. Deehr, D. Berdichevsky, K. Kudela, and G. Zastenker
Page(s) 917-935
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1469 KB)   Special Issue

Real-time forecasting of ICME shock arrivals at L1 during the "April Fool’s Day" epoch: 28 March – 21 April 2001   
W. Sun, M. Dryer, C. D. Fry, C. S. Deehr, Z. Smith, S.-I. Akasofu, M. D. Kartalev, and K. G. Grigorov
Page(s) 937-945
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1276 KB)   Special Issue

Neural network prediction of relativistic electrons at geosynchronous orbit during the storm recovery phase: effects of recurring substorms   
M. Fukata, S. Taguchi, T. Okuzawa, and T. Obara
Page(s) 947-951
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 364 KB)   Special Issue

A solar cycle of spacecraft anomalies due to internal charging   
G. L. Wrenn, D. J. Rodgers, and K. A. Ryden
Page(s) 953-956
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 442 KB)   Special Issue

The relativistic electron response in the outer radiation belt during magnetic storms   
R. H. A. Iles, A. N. Fazakerley, A. D. Johnstone, N. P. Meredith, and P. Bühler
Page(s) 957-965
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1101 KB)   Special Issue

Evidence for acceleration of outer zone electrons to relativistic energies by whistler mode chorus   
N. P. Meredith, R. B. Horne, D. Summers, R. M. Thorne, R. H. A. Iles, D. Heynderickx, and R. R. Anderson
Page(s) 967-979
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 966 KB)   Special Issue

A first approach to model the low-frequency wave activity in the plasmasphere   
R. André, F. Lefeuvre, F. Simonet, and U. S. Inan
Page(s) 981-996
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 665 KB)   Special Issue

Comparisons of high latitude E > 20 MeV proton geomagnetic cutoff observations with predictions of the SEPTR model   
S. Kahler and A. Ling
Page(s) 997-1005
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 362 KB)   Special Issue

Daytime electron density at the F1-region in Europe during geomagnetic storms   
D. Buresova, J. Lastovicka, D. Altadill, and G. Miro
Page(s) 1007-1021
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 254 KB)   Special Issue

Determining characteristics of HF communications links using SuperDARN   
J. M. Hughes, W. A. Bristow, R. A. Greenwald, and R. J. Barnes
Page(s) 1023-1030
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 813 KB)   Special Issue

Nonlinear forecasts of ƒoF2: variation of model predictive accuracy over time   
A. H. Y. Chan and P. S. Cannon
Page(s) 1031-1038
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 246 KB)   Special Issue

OVATION: Oval variation, assessment, tracking, intensity, and online nowcasting   
P. T. Newell, T. Sotirelis, J. M. Ruohoniemi, J. F. Carbary, K. Liou, J. P. Skura, C.-I. Meng, C. Deehr, D. Wilkinson, and F. J. Rich
Page(s) 1039-1047
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 688 KB)   Special Issue

Investigating the auroral electrojets with low altitude polar orbiting satellites   
T. Moretto, N. Olsen, P. Ritter, and G. Lu
Page(s) 1049-1061
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 923 KB)   Special Issue

Modelling of geomagnetic induction in pipelines   
L. Trichtchenko and D. H. Boteler
Page(s) 1063-1072
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1938 KB)   Special Issue

Case studies of space weather events from their launching on the Sun to their impacts on power systems on the Earth   
H.-L. Lam, D. H. Boteler, and L. Trichtchenko
Page(s) 1073-1079
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1563 KB)   Special Issue

From the Sun’s atmosphere to the Earth’s atmosphere: an overview of scientific models available for space weather developments   
C. Lathuillère, M. Menvielle, J. Lilensten, T. Amari, and S. M. Radicella
Page(s) 1081-1104
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 234 KB)   Special Issue

Solar activity monitoring and forecasting capabilities at Big Bear Solar Observatory   
P. T. Gallagher, C. Denker, V. Yurchyshyn, T. Spirock, J. Qiu, H. Wang, and P. R. Goode
Page(s) 1105-1115
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2177 KB)   Special Issue