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ANGEO – Volume 20, 2002

Aeronomy, a 20th Century emergent science: the role of solar Lyman series   
G. Kockarts
Page(s) 585-598
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Jovicentric latitude effect on the HOM radio emission observed by Ulysses/URAP at 5 AU from Jupiter   
C. H. Barrow, A. Lecacheux, and R. J. MacDowall
Page(s) 599-607
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Evidence for the interplanetary electric potential? WIND observations of electrostatic fluctuations   
C. Lacombe, C. Salem, A. Mangeney, D. Hubert, C. Perche, J.-L. Bougeret, P. J. Kellogg, and J.-M. Bosqued
Page(s) 609-618
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ISEE-3 observations of a viscously-driven plasma sheet: magnetosheath mass and/or momentum transfer?   
R. T. Mist and C. J. Owen
Page(s) 619-628
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Monitoring magnetosheath-magnetosphere interconnection topology from the aurora   
P. E. Sandholt and C. J. Farrugia
Page(s) 629-637
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Noon ionospheric signatures of a sudden commencement following a solar wind pressure pulse   
A. Vontrat-Reberac, J.-C. Cerisier, N. Sato, and M. Lester
Page(s) 639-645
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Predicted and observed characteristics of small-scale field-aligned irregularities generated in the F-region by low power HF heating   
E. Kolesnikova, T. R. Robinson, and J. A. Davies
Page(s) 647-653
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The structure of mid- and high-latitude ionosphere during September 1999 storm event obtained from GPS observations   
I. I. Shagimuratov, L. Baran, P. Wielgosz, and G. A. Yakimova
Page(s) 655-660
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Seasonal variations of the semi-diurnal and diurnal tides in the MLT: multi-year MF radar observations from 2–70° N, modelled tides (GSWM, CMAM)   
A. H. Manson, C. Meek, M. Hagan, J. Koshyk, S. Franke, D. Fritts, C. Hall, W. Hocking, K. Igarashi, J. MacDougall, D. Riggin, and R. Vincent
Page(s) 661-677
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MF radar observations of mean winds and tides over Poker Flat, Alaska (65.1° N, 147.5° W)   
P. Kishore, S. P. Namboothiri, K. Igarashi, Y. Murayama, and B. J. Watkins
Page(s) 679-690
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The 16-day planetary waves: multi-MF radar observations from the arctic to equator and comparisons with the HRDI measurements and the GSWM modelling results   
Y. Luo, A. H. Manson, C. E. Meek, C. K. Meyer, M. D. Burrage, D. C. Fritts, C. M. Hall, W. K. Hocking, J. MacDougall, D. M. Riggin, and R. A. Vincent
Page(s) 691-709
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An explanation for some fallstreak clouds   
R. M. Worthington
Page(s) 711-715
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Transport of potential vorticity and Eliassen-Palm fluxes for two contrasting years: 1995–1996 (La Niña) and 1997–1998 (El Niño)   
S. H. Franchito, V. Brahmananda Rao, J. P. R. Fernandez, and S. R. Chapa
Page(s) 717-727
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Instabilities of continuously stratified zonal equatorial jets in a periodic channel model   
S. Masina
Page(s) 729-740
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