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ANGEO – Volume 20, issue 12, 2002

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SuperDARN E-region backscatter boundary in the dusk-midnight sector – tracer of equatorward boundary of the auroral oval   
P. T. Jayachandran, E. F. Donovan, J. W. MacDougall, D. R. Moorcroft, J.-P. St. Maurice, and P. Prikryl
Page(s) 1899-1904
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  31 Dec 2002
A multi-instrument approach to mapping the global dayside merging rate   
G. Provan, T. K. Yeoman, M. Lester, and S. E. Milan
Page(s) 1905-1920
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  31 Dec 2002
An inter-hemispheric, statistical study of nightside spectral width distributions from coherent HF scatter radars   
E. E. Woodfield, K. Hosokawa, S. E. Milan, N. Sato, and M. Lester
Page(s) 1921-1934
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  31 Dec 2002
Estimating the contribution from different ionospheric regions to the TEC response to the solar flares using data from the international GPS network   
L. A. Leonovich, E. L. Afraimovich, E. B. Romanova, and A. V. Taschilin
Page(s) 1935-1941
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  31 Dec 2002
A statistical study of ion energization at 1700 km in the auroral region   
M. Hamrin, P. Norqvist, T. Hellström, M. André, and A. I. Eriksson
Page(s) 1943-1958
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  31 Dec 2002
Theoretical simulation of O+ and H+ densities in the Indian low latitude F-region and comparison with observations   
P. K. Bhuyan, P. K. Kakoty, and S. B. Singh
Page(s) 1959-1966
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  31 Dec 2002
Modelling the effects of the October 1989 solar proton event on mesospheric odd nitrogen using a detailed ion and neutral chemistry model   
P. T. Verronen, E. Turunen, Th. Ulich, and E. Kyrölä
Page(s) 1967-1976
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  31 Dec 2002
Effects of solar eclipse on the electrodynamical processes of the equatorial ionosphere: a case study during 11 August 1999 dusk time total solar eclipse over India   
R. Sridharan, C. V. Devasia, N. Jyoti, Diwakar Tiwari, K. S. Viswanathan, and K. S. V. Subbarao
Page(s) 1977-1985
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  31 Dec 2002
Thermospheric vertical winds in the auroral oval/polar cap region   
P. A. Greet, J. L. Innis, and P. L. Dyson
Page(s) 1987-2001
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  31 Dec 2002
New insights from a nonlocal generalization of the Farley-Buneman instability problem at high latitudes   
J. Drexler, J.-P. St.-Maurice, D. Chen, and D. R. Moorcroft
Page(s) 2003-2025
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  31 Dec 2002
The 16-day variation in the mean flow at Grahamstown (33.3° S, 26.5° E)   
S. B. Malinga and L. M. G. Poole
Page(s) 2027-2031
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  31 Dec 2002
The 16-day variation in tidal amplitudes at Grahamstown (33.3° S, 26.5° E)   
S. B. Malinga and L. M. G. Poole
Page(s) 2033-2038
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  31 Dec 2002
Effects of temperature dependence of reaction N2(A3 S+u) + O ongreenline dayglow emission   
A. K. Upadhayaya and V. Singh
Page(s) 2039-2045
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  31 Dec 2002
Numerical study of the October 2000 torrential precipitation event over eastern Spain: analysis of the synoptic-scale stationarity   
V. Homar, R. Romero, C. Ramis, and S. Alonso
Page(s) 2047-2066
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  31 Dec 2002
Atmospheric and oceanic dust fluxes in the northeastern tropical Atlantic Ocean: how close a coupling?   
A. Bory, F. Dulac, C. Moulin, I. Chiapello, P. P. Newton, W. Guelle, C. E. Lambert, and G. Bergametti
Page(s) 2067-2076
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  31 Dec 2002
NAO influence on extreme winter temperatures in Madrid (Spain)   
L. Prieto, R. Garcia, J. Diaz, E. Hernandez, and T. del Teso
Page(s) 2077-2085
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  31 Dec 2002
Transformation and disintegration of strongly nonlinear internal waves by topography in stratified lakes   
V. I. Vlasenko and K. Hutter
Page(s) 2087-2103
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  31 Dec 2002
Letter to the Editor
Aerosol radiative forcing over land: effect of surface and cloud reflection
S. K. Satheesh
Page(s) 2105-2109
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  31 Dec 2002
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