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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 20, issue 1, 2002

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Plasma and wave phenomena induced by neutral gas releases in the solar wind   
H. Laakso, R. Grard, P. Janhunen, and J.-G. Trotignon
Page(s) 1-11
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  31 Jan 2002
Assessing the contamination of SuperDARN global convection maps by non-F-region backscatter   
G. Chisham and M. Pinnock
Page(s) 13-28
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1071 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
An unusual geometry of the ionospheric signature of the cusp: implications for magnetopause merging sites   
G. Chisham, M. Pinnock, I. J. Coleman, M. R. Hairston, and A. D. M. Walker
Page(s) 29-40
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 708 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
Effects of multiple scatter on the propagation and absorption of electromagnetic waves in a field-aligned-striated cold magneto-plasma: implications for ionospheric modification experiments   
T. R. Robinson
Page(s) 41-55
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 346 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
Excitation of Alfvén waves by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere, with application to FAST observations   
E. Kolesnikova, T. R. Robinson, J. A. Davies, D. M. Wright, and M. Lester
Page(s) 57-67
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1211 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
Low frequency modulation of transionospheric radio wave amplitude at low-latitudes: possible role of field line oscillations   
A. K. Sinha, B. M. Pathan, R. Rajaram, and D. R. K. Rao
Page(s) 69-80
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 876 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
Mean winds of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at 52° N in the period 1988–2000   
H. R. Middleton, N. J. Mitchell, and H. G. Muller
Page(s) 81-91
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 694 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
A deep cyclone of African origin over the Western Mediterranean: diagnosis and numerical simulation   
V. Homar, C. Ramis, and S. Alonso
Page(s) 93-106
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 10216 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
A study of the relationship between cloud-to-ground lightning and precipitation in the convective weather system in China   
Y. Zhou, X. Qie, and S. Soula
Page(s) 107-113
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 415 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
The ~ 2400-year cycle in atmospheric radiocarbon concentration: bispectrum of 14C data over the last 8000 years   
S. S. Vasiliev and V. A. Dergachev
Page(s) 115-120
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 127 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
A sea spray generation function for fetch-limited conditions   
J. Piazzola, P. Forget, and S. Despiau
Page(s) 121-131
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 967 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
Letter to the Editor
Intense oceanic lightning
M. Füllekrug, C. Price, Y. Yair, and E. R. Williams
Page(s) 133-137
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 171 KB)   

  31 Jan 2002
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