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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 19, issue 6, 2001

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Astrid-2, an advanced microsatellite for auroral research   
G. T. Marklund, L. G. Blomberg, and S. Persson
Page(s) 589-592
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  30 Jun 2001
The MEDUSA electron and ion spectrometer and the PIA ultraviolet photometers on Astrid-2   
O. Norberg, J. D. Winningham, H. Lauche, W. Keith, W. Puccio, J. Olsen, K. Lundin, and J. Scherrer
Page(s) 593-600
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  30 Jun 2001
LINDA – the Astrid-2 Langmuir probe instrument   
B. Holback, Å. Jacksén, L. Åhlén, S.-E. Jansson, A. I. Eriksson, J.-E. Wahlund, T. Carozzi, and J. Bergman
Page(s) 601-610
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  30 Jun 2001
A new, unique signature of the true cusp   
W. R. Keith, J. D. Winningham, and O. Norberg
Page(s) 611-619
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  30 Jun 2001
Dense ion clouds of 0.1 − 2 keV ions inside the CPS-region observed by Astrid-2   
S. H. Høymork, M. Yamauchi, Y. Ebihara, Y. Narita, O. Norberg, and D. Winningham
Page(s) 621-631
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  30 Jun 2001
Astrid-2 and ground-based observations of the auroral bulge in the middle of the nightside convection throat   
G. T. Marklund, T. Karlsson, P. Eglitis, and H. Opgenoorth
Page(s) 633-641
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  30 Jun 2001
Observation of low frequency electromagnetic activity at 1000 km altitude   
N. Ivchenko and G. Marklund
Page(s) 643-648
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  30 Jun 2001
Magnetospheric response to the solar wind as indicated by the cross-polar potential drop and the low-latitude asymmetric disturbance field   
S. Eriksson, L. G. Blomberg, N. Ivchenko, T. Karlsson, and G. T. Marklund
Page(s) 649-653
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 351 KB)   Special issue

  30 Jun 2001
Disturbance of plasma environment in the vicinity of the Astrid-2 microsatellite   
N. Ivchenko, L. Facciolo, P. A. Lindqvist, P. Kekkonen, and B. Holback
Page(s) 655-666
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3491 KB)   Special issue

  30 Jun 2001
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