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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 19, issue 4, 2001

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The shock-acoustic waves generated by earthquakes   
E. L. Afraimovich, N. P. Perevalova, A. V. Plotnikov, and A. M. Uralov
Page(s) 395-409
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  30 Apr 2001
CUTLASS HF radar observations of high-velocity E-region echoes   
M. V. Uspensky, A. V. Koustov, P. Eglitis, A. Huuskonen, S. E. Milan, T. Pulkkinen, and R. Pirjola
Page(s) 411-424
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  30 Apr 2001
Super Dual Auroral Radar Network observations of fluctuations in the spectral distribution of near range meteor echoes in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere   
N. F. Arnold, T. R. Robinson, M. Lester, P. B. Byrne, and P. J. Chapman
Page(s) 425-434
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  30 Apr 2001
Results of an interactively coupled atmospheric chemistry – general circulation model: Comparison with observations   
R. Hein, M. Dameris, C. Schnadt, C. Land, V. Grewe, I. Köhler, M. Ponater, R. Sausen, B. B. Steil, J. Landgraf, and C. Brühl
Page(s) 435-457
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  30 Apr 2001
Smoothing radio occultation bending angles above 40 km   
S. B. Healy
Page(s) 459-468
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  30 Apr 2001
Two case studies on the interaction of large-scale transport, mesoscale photochemistry, and boundary-layer processes on the lower tropospheric ozone dynamics in early spring   
S. Brönnimann, F. C. Siegrist, W. Eugster, R. Cattin, C. Sidle, M. M. Hirschberg, D. Schneiter, S. Perego, and H. Wanner
Page(s) 469-486
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  30 Apr 2001
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