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ANGEO – Volume 19, 2001

Dawn-dusk asymmetry in particles of solar wind origin within the magnetosphere   
T. J. Stubbs, M. Lockwood, P. Cargill, J. Fennell, M. Grande, B. Kellett, C. Perry, and A. Rees
Page(s) 1-9
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Observation of isotropic electron temperature in the turbulent E region   
S. Saito, S. C. Buchert, S. Nozawa, and R. Fujii
Page(s) 11-15
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Statistical analysis of long-duration low-density solar wind events   
S. Watari, T. Watanabe, and K. Marubashi
Page(s) 17-23
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Interpretation of ionospheric F-region structures in the vicinity of ionisation troughs observed by satellite radio tomography   
G. A. Aladjev, O. V. Evstafiev, V. S. Mingalev, G. I. Mingaleva, E. D. Tereshchenko, and B. Z. Khudukon
Page(s) 25-36
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Evidence of meso-scale structure in the high-latitude thermosphere   
A. L. Aruliah and E. Griffin
Page(s) 37-46
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Sporadic Ca and Ca+ layers at mid-latitudes: Simultaneous observations and implications for their formation   
M. Gerding, M. Alpers, J. H√∂ffner, and U. von Zahn
Page(s) 47-58
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Sporadic-E associated with the Leonid meteor shower event of November 1998 over low and equatorial latitudes   
H. Chandra, S. Sharma, C. V. Devasia, K. S. V. Subbarao, R. Sridharan, J. H. Sastri, and J. V. S. V. Rao
Page(s) 59-69
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Error analysis for mesospheric temperature profiling by absorptive occultation sensors   
M. J. Rieder and G. Kirchengast
Page(s) 71-81
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Energetics of the summer circulation over South America   
M. C. de Lima Moscati and V. B. Rao
Page(s) 83-97
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The SAO and Kelvin waves in the EuroGRIPS GCMS and the UK Met. Office analyses   
M. Amodei, S. Pawson, A. A. Scaife, U. Langematz, W. Lahoz, D. M. Li, and P. Simon
Page(s) 99-114
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A note on the interannual variations of UV-B erythemal doses and solar irradiance from ground-based and satellite observations   
C. Zerefos, D. Balis, M. Tzortziou, A. Bais, K. Tourpali, C. Meleti, G. Bernhard, and J. Herman
Page(s) 115-120
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Drifter dispersion in the Adriatic Sea: Lagrangian data and chaotic model   
G. Lacorata, E. Aurell, and A. Vulpiani
Page(s) 121-129
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Letter to the Editor
An analogy to the Reynolds number for the neutral gas component of a weak plasma
C. M. Hall
Page(s) 131-134
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