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ANGEO – Volume 18, 2000

Cross-field gradients: general concept, importance of multi-spacecraft measurements and study at 1 AU of the source intensity gradient for E > 30 keV solar event electrons   
P. A. Chaizy
Page(s) 263-276
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Detection of zero anisotropy at 5.2 AU during the November 1998 solar particle event: Ulysses Anisotropy Telescopes observations   
S. Dalla and A. Balogh
Page(s) 277-284
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Semiannual and annual variations in the height of the ionospheric F2-peak   
H. Rishbeth, K. J. F. Sedgemore-Schulthess, and T. Ulich
Page(s) 285-299
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Global empirical wind model for the upper mesosphere/lower thermosphere. I. Prevailing wind   
Y. I. Portnyagin and T. V. Solovjova
Page(s) 300-315
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Wavelet analysis on transient behaviour of tidal amplitude fluctuations observed by meteor radar in the lower thermosphere above Bulgaria   
D. Pancheva and P. Mukhtarov
Page(s) 316-331
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Total ozone decrease in the Arctic after REP events   
V. C. Roldugin, M. I. Beloglazov, and G. F. Remenets
Page(s) 332-336
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IMPACT: an implicit time integration scheme for chemical species and families   
G. D. Carver and P. A. Stott
Page(s) 337-346
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Interannual signals in length of day and atmospheric angular momentum   
R. Abarco del Rio, D. Gambis, and D. A. Salstein
Page(s) 347-364
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The WELSONS experiment: overview and presentation of first results on the surface atmospheric boundary-layer in semiarid Spain   
J.-P. Frangi and D. C. Richard
Page(s) 365-384
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Statistical distributions of water content and sizes for clouds above Europe   
R. P. H. Berton
Page(s) 385-397
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