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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 18, issue 2, 2000

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Probing the magnetic topology of coronal mass ejections by means of Ulysses/HI-SCALE energetic particle observations   
O. Malandraki, E. T. Sarris, and P. Trochoutsos
Page(s) 129-140
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 344 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Some new features of electron density irregularities over SHAR during strong spread F   
S. Raizada and H. S. S. Sinha
Page(s) 141-151
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 203 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Characteristics of a stable arc based on FAST and MIRACLE observations   
P. Janhunen, A. Olsson, O. Amm, and K. Kauristie
Page(s) 152-160
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 657 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Comment on "Concerning the generation of geomagnetic giant pulsations by drift-bounce resonance ring current instabilities" by K.-H. Glassmeier et al., Ann. Geophysicae, 17, 338-350, (1999)   
I. R. Mann and G. Chisham
Page(s) 161-166
Key Words   Full article (PDF, 472 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Reply to the comment by I. R. Mann and G. Chisham   
K. -H. Glassmeier
Page(s) 167-169
Full article (PDF, 75 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Ion upflow and downflow at the topside ionosphere observed by the EISCAT VHF radar   
M. Endo, R. Fujii, Y. Ogawa, S. C. Buchert, S. Nozawa, S. Watanabe, and N. Yoshida
Page(s) 170-181
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 701 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Ionospheric measurements of relative coronal brightness during the total solar eclipses of 11 August, 1999 and 9 July, 1945   
C. J. Davis, M. Lockwood, S. A. Bell, J. A. Smith, and E. M. Clarke
Page(s) 182-190
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 523 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
High-time resolution conjugate SuperDARN radar observations of the dayside convection response to changes in IMF By   
G. Chisham, M. Pinnock, A. S. Rodger, and J. -P. Villain
Page(s) 191-201
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 509 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Geomagnetic control of polar mesosphere summer echoes   
J. Bremer, P. Hoffmann, and T. L. Hansen
Page(s) 202-208
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 176 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Plasma density over Svalbard during the ISBJØRN campaign   
C. M. Hall, A. P. van Eyken, and K. R. Svenes
Page(s) 209-214
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 473 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Irregular structures observed below 71 km in the night-time polar D-region   
E. V. Thrane, T. A. Blix, and K. R. Svenes
Page(s) 215-222
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 242 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
4D tropospheric tomography using GPS slant wet delays   
A. Flores, G. Ruffini, and A. Rius
Page(s) 223-234
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 474 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Mesoscale energetics and flows induced by sea-land and mountain-valley contrasts   
S. Federico, G. A. Dalu, C. Bellecci, and M. Colacino
Page(s) 235-246
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1148 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Letter to the editor: Are the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Southern Oscillation related in any time-scale?   
R. García, P. Ribera, L. Gimenoo, and E. Hernández
Page(s) 247-251
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 128 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Letter to the editor: Electric field fluctuations (25-35 min) in the midnight dip equatorial ionosphere   
J. Hanumath Sastri, H. Luhr, H. Tachihara, T. -I. Kitamura, and J. V. S. V. Rao
Page(s) 252-256
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 124 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
Letter to the editor: The ionospheric response during an interval of Pc5 ULF wave activity   
M. Lester, J. A. Davies, and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 257-261
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 160 KB)   

  29 Feb 2000
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