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ANGEO – Volume 18, 2000

Effect of the IMF By component on the ionospheric flow overhead at EISCAT: observations and theory   
H. Khan and S. W. H. Cowley
Page(s) 1503-1522
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On determining the noon polar cap boundary from SuperDARN HF radar backscatter characteristics   
M. Pinnock and A. S. Rodger
Page(s) 1523-1530
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On the collocation between dayside auroral activity and coherent HF radar backscatter   
J. Moen, H. C. Carlson, S. E. Milan, N. Shumilov, B. Lybekk, P. E. Sandholt, and M. Lester
Page(s) 1531-1549
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Travelling ionospheric disturbance properties deduced from Super Dual Auroral Radar measurements   
J. W. MacDougall, D. A. Andre, G. J. Sofko, C.-S. Huang, and A. V. Koustov
Page(s) 1550-1559
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On auroral dynamics observed by HF radar: 1. Equatorward edge of the afternoon-evening diffuse luminosity belt   
M. Uspensky, P. Eglitis, H. Opgenoorth, G. Starkov, T. Pulkkinen, and R. Pellinen
Page(s) 1560-1575
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The influence of the interplanetary medium on SuperDARN radar scattering occurrence   
P. Ballatore, J. P. Villain, N. Vilmer, and M. Pick
Page(s) 1576-1583
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Two-dimensional electric field measurements in the ionospheric footprint of a flux transfer event   
K. A. McWilliams, T. K. Yeoman, and S. W. H. Cowley
Page(s) 1584-1598
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Frequency domain interferometry mode observations of PMSE using the EISCAT VHF radar   
P. B. Chilson, S. Kirkwood, and I. Häggström
Page(s) 1599-1612
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Low frequency waves in plasmas with spatially varying electron temperature   
P. Guio, S. Børve, H. L. Pécseli, and J. Trulsen
Page(s) 1613-1622
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The effect of magnetic substorms on near-ground atmospheric current   
E. Belova, S. Kirkwood, and H. Tammet
Page(s) 1623-1629
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Comparative study of electron density from incoherent scatter measurements at Arecibo with the IRI-95 model during solar maximum   
N. K. Sethi and V. K. Pandey
Page(s) 1630-1634
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Long term ionospheric electron content variations over Delhi   
J. K. Gupta and L. Singh
Page(s) 1635-1644
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Lunar tidal winds in the upper atmosphere over Collm   
R. J. Stening and C. Jacobi
Page(s) 1645-1650
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On the fast movements of the thermosphere: an interpretation   
J. Lilensten and P. O. Amblard
Page(s) 1651-1656
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Page(s) 1656-1656
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