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ANGEO – Volume 18, 2000

ERNE observations of energetic particles associated with Earth-directed coronal mass ejections in April and May, 1997   
A. Anttila and T. Sahla
Page(s) 1373-1381
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Estimating solar ultraviolet irradiance (290-385 nm) by means of the spectral parametric models: SPCTRAL2 and SMARTS2   
I. Foyo-Moreno, J. Vida, F. J. Olmo, and L. Alados-Arboledas
Page(s) 1382-1389
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Effects of substorms on the stormtime ring current index Dst   
G. Rostoker
Page(s) 1390-1398
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Experimental study of the formation of inverted-V structures and their stratification using AUREOL-3 observations   
O. Luízar, M. V. Stepanova, J. M. Bosqued, E. E. Antonova, and R. A. Kovrazhkin
Page(s) 1399-1411
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An analysis of Pc3 and Pc4 pulsations at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica)   
U. Villante, M. Vellante, and G. De Sanctis
Page(s) 1412-1421
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On the mechanism of the post-midnight winter NmF2 enhancements: dependence on solar activity   
A. V. Mikhailov, M. Förster, and T. Y. Leschinskaya
Page(s) 1422-1434
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A modelling study of the latitudinal variations in the nighttime plasma temperatures of the equatorial topside ionosphere during northern winter at solar maximum   
G. J. Bailey, M. H. Denton, R. A. Heelis, and S. Venkatraman
Page(s) 1435-1446
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Parametrisation of the orographic enhancement of precipitation and deposition in a long-term, long-range transport model   
D. S. Lee, R. D. Kingdon, J. A. Garland, and B. M. R. Jones
Page(s) 1447-1466
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Measurements and modelling of atmospheric pollution over the Paris area: an overview of the ESQUIF Project   
L. Menut, R. Vautard, C. Flamant, C. Abonnel, M. Beekmann, P. Chazette, P. H. Flamant, D. Gombert, D. Guédalia, D. Kley, M. P. Lefebvre, B. Lossec, D. Martin, G. Mégie, P. Perros, M. Sicard, and G. Toupance
Page(s) 1467-1481
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Climatic features of the Mediterranean Sea detected by the analysis of the longwave radiative bulk formulae   
M. E. Schiano, M. Borghini, S. Castellari, and C. Luttazzi
Page(s) 1482-1487
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Wind-induced baroclinic response of Lake Constance   
Y. Wang, K. Hutter, and E. Bäuerle
Page(s) 1488-1501
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