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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 18, issue 10, 2000

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Comparison of the measured and modelled electron densities and temperatures in the ionosphere and plasmasphere during 20-30 January, 1993   
A. V. Pavlov, T. Abe, and K.-I. Oyama
Page(s) 1257-1262
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 389 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
On multifractality of high-latitude geomagnetic fluctuations   
Z. Vörös
Page(s) 1273-1282
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 251 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
On the spectrum of mid-latitude sporadic-E irregularities   
Yu. V. Kyzyurov
Page(s) 1283-1292
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 187 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
Hydroxyl (6−2) airglow emission intensity ratios for rotational temperature determination   
W. J. R. French, G. B. Burns, K. Finlayson, P. A. Greet, R. P. Lowe, and P. F. B. Williams
Page(s) 1293-1303
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 237 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
A comparative study of winds and tidal variability in the mesosphere/lower-thermosphere region over Bulgaria and the UK   
D. Pancheva, P. Mukhtarov, N. J. Mitchell, A. G. Beard, and H. G. Muller
Page(s) 1304-1315
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 437 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
The nonlinear effects on the characteristics of gravity wave packets: dispersion and polarization relations   
S.-D. Zhang, F. Yi, and J.-F. Wang
Page(s) 1316-1324
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 280 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
Description of the long-term ozone data series obtained from different instrumental techniques at a single location: the Observatoire de Haute-Provence (43.9°N, 5.7°E)   
M. Guirlet, P. Keckhut, S. Godin, and G. Mégie
Page(s) 1325-1339
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 320 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
Charge analysis on lightning discharges to the ground in Chinese inland plateau (close to Tibet)   
X. Qie, Y. Yu, X. Liu, C. Guo, D. Wang, T. Watanabe, and T. Ushio
Page(s) 1340-1348
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 242 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
Application of nonlinear forecasting techniques for meteorological modeling   
V. Pérez-Muñuzuri and I. R. Gelpi
Page(s) 1349-1359
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 319 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
The beneficial role of rubble mound coastal structures on seawater oxygenation   
E. I. Daniil, V. K. Tsoukala, and C. I. Moutzouris
Page(s) 1360-1371
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 297 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
Erratum: Published in Annales Geophysicae Volume 18, number 7, on page 729, 2000   
G. Vaughan and T. B. Jones
Page(s) 1372-1372
Full article (PDF, 40 KB)   

  31 Oct 2000
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