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ANGEO – Volume 17, 1999

Properties and origin of energetic particles at the duskside of the Earth's magnetosheath throughout a great storm   
D. V. Sarafopoulos, M. A. Athanasiu, E. T. Sarris, T. Yamamoto, and S. Kokubun
Page(s) 1121-1133
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On the dispersion of two coexisting nongyrotropic ion species   
A. L. Brinca, U. Motschmann, and F. J. Romeiras
Page(s) 1134-1144
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Compressional wave events in the dawn plasma sheet observed by Interball-1   
O. Verkhoglyadova, A. Agapitov, A. Andrushchenko, V. Ivchenko, S. Romanov, and Yu. Yermolaev
Page(s) 1145-1154
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The dynamic cusp aurora on 30 November 1997: response to southward turning of the IMF   
P. E. Sandholt, C. J. Farrugia, and B. Lybekk
Page(s) 1155-1165
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The ionospheric signature of transient dayside reconnection and the associated pulsed convection return flow   
S. E. Milan, M. Lester, R. A. Greenwald, and G. Sofko
Page(s) 1166-1171
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Parametric decay of beam-driven Langmuir wave and enhanced ion-acoustic fluctuations in the ionosphere: a weak turbulence approach   
F. R. E. Forme
Page(s) 1172-1181
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On the usefulness of E region electron temperatures and lower F region ion temperatures for the extraction of thermospheric parameters: a case study   
J.-P. St.-Maurice, C. Cussenot, and W. Kofman
Page(s) 1182-1198
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Late spring ultraviolet levels over the United Kingdom and the link to ozone   
J. Austin, C. M. H. Driscoll, S. F. G. Farmer, and M. J. Molyneux
Page(s) 1199-1209
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Long-term changes of the upper stratosphere as seen by Japanese rocketsondes at Ryori (39°N, 141°E)   
P. Keckhut and K. Kodera
Page(s) 1210-1217
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A distribution law for relative humidity in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere derived from three years of MOZAIC measurements   
K. Gierens, U. Schumann, M. Helten, H. Smit, and A. Marenco
Page(s) 1218-1226
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Internal waves and temperature fronts on slopes   
S. A. Thorpe and U. Lemmin
Page(s) 1227-1234
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Letter to the Editor: First direct observations of the reduced striations at pump frequencies close to the electron gyroharmonics   
F. Honary, T. R. Robinson, D. M. Wright, A. J. Stocker, M. T. Rietveld, and I. McCrea
Page(s) 1235-1238
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Letter to the Editor: Spatial and seasonal variations of the foF2 long-term trends   
A. D. Danilov and A. V. Mikhailov
Page(s) 1239-1243
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