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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 17, issue 8, 1999

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Page(s) 983-983
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  31 Aug 1999
Analysis of thick, non-planar boundaries using the discontinuity analyser   
M. W. Dunlop and T. I. Woodward
Page(s) 984-995
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  31 Aug 1999
Reconfiguration and closure of lobe flux by reconnection during northward IMF: possible evidence for signatures in cusp/cleft auroral emissions   
M. Lockwood and J. Moen
Page(s) 996-1011
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  31 Aug 1999
VHF radar observations of gravity waves at a low latitude   
G. Dutta, B. Bapiraju, P. Balasubrahmanyam, and H. Aleem Basha
Page(s) 1012-1019
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  31 Aug 1999
Observations of plasma density structures in association with the passage of traveling convection vortices and the occurrence of large plasma jets   
C. E. Valladares, D. Alcaydé, J. V. Rodriguez, J. M. Ruohoniemi, and A. P. Van Eyken
Page(s) 1020-1039
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  31 Aug 1999
Ionospheric measurements during the CRISTA/MAHRSI campaign: their implications and comparison with previous campaigns   
J. Laštovicka, D. Pancheva, D. Altadill, E. A. Benediktov, J. Boška, J. Bremer, M. Dick, K. Igarashi, P. Mlch, B. A. de la Morena, Z. T. Rapoport, V. A. Vyakhirev, B. O. Vugmeister, X. Zhang, and B. Zolesi
Page(s) 1040-1052
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  31 Aug 1999
Observations of day-to-day variability in precursor signatures to equatorial F-region plasma depletions   
P. R. Fagundes, Y. Sahai, I. S. Batista, M. A. Abdu, J. A. Bittencourt, and H. Takahashi
Page(s) 1053-1063
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  31 Aug 1999
The present-day and future impact of NOx emissions from subsonic aircraft on the atmosphere in relation to the impact of NOx surface sources   
P. J. M. Valks and G. J. M. Velders
Page(s) 1064-1079
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  31 Aug 1999
Radiative forcing by contrails   
R. Meerkötter, U. Schumann, D. R. Doelling, P. Minnis, T. Nakajima, and Y. Tsushima
Page(s) 1080-1094
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  31 Aug 1999
Meso-scale effects of tropical deforestation in Amazonia: preparatory LBA modelling studies   
A. J. Dolman, M. A. Silva Dias, J.-C. Calvet, M. Ashby, A. S. Tahara, C. Delire, P. Kabat, G. A. Fisch, and C. A. Nobre
Page(s) 1095-1110
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  31 Aug 1999
Letter to the Editor: Post-midnight onset of spread-F at Kodaikanal during the June solstice of solar minimum   
J. H. Sastri
Page(s) 1111-1115
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  31 Aug 1999
Letter to the Editor: Complete maps of the aspect sensitivity of VHF atmospheric radar echoes   
R. M. Worthington, R. D. Palmer, and S. Fukao
Page(s) 1116-1119
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  31 Aug 1999
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