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ANGEO – Volume 17, 1999

Foreword: Special Topic
Theory and simulation of solar system plasmas
Page(s) 577-577
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Simulating solar MHD   
M. Schüssler
Page(s) 578-582
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 437 KB)   Special Issue

Injection and acceleration of H+ and He2+ at Earth's bow shock   
M. Scholer, H. Kucharek, and K.-H. Trattner
Page(s) 583-594
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1058 KB)   Special Issue

New aspects of plasma sheet dynamics - MHD and kinetic theory   
H. Wiechen
Page(s) 595-603
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 238 KB)   Special Issue

Sausage mode instability of thin current sheets as a cause of magnetospheric substorms   
J. Büchner and J.-P. Kuska
Page(s) 604-612
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 895 KB)   Special Issue

Nongyrotropic particle distributions in space plasmas   
U. Motschmann, K. H. Glassmeier, and A. L. Brinca
Page(s) 613-622
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 256 KB)   Special Issue

Stability of stationary and time-varying nongyrotropic particle distributions   
A. L. Brinca
Page(s) 623-630
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 139 KB)   Special Issue

Resonant enhancement of relativistic electron fluxes during geomagnetically active periods   
I. Roth, M. Temerin, and M. K. Hudson
Page(s) 631-638
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 174 KB)   Special Issue

A straightforward estimation of the maximum sunspot number for cycle 23   
B. Mendoza and J. Ramírez
Page(s) 639-641
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 82 KB)   Special Issue

Heliospheric current sheet inclinations at Venus and Earth   
G. Ma, K. Marubashi, and T. Maruyama
Page(s) 642-649
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 179 KB)   Special Issue

Characteristics of > 290 keV magnetosheath ions   
I. Karanikola, G. C. Anagnostopoulos, and A. Rigas
Page(s) 650-658
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 260 KB)   Special Issue

First results from the hot plasma instrument PROMICS-3 on Interball-2   
I. Sandahl, S. Barabash, H. Borg, E. Y. Budnik, E. M. Dubinin, U. Eklund, H. Koskinen, K. Lundin, R. Lundin, A. Mälkki, R. Pellinen, N. F. Pissarenko, T. Pulkkinen, and A. V. Zakharov
Page(s) 659-673
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1052 KB)   Special Issue

A slow mode wave as a possible source of Pi 2 and associated particle precipitation: a case study   
O. Saka, O. Watanabe, K. Okada, and D. N. Baker
Page(s) 674-681
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2826 KB)   Special Issue

Solar and seasonal dependence of ion frictional heating   
J. A. Davies, M. Lester, and I. W. McCrea
Page(s) 682-691
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 652 KB)   Special Issue

Numerical analysis of global ionospheric current system including the effect of equatorial enhancement   
S. Tsunomura
Page(s) 692-706
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 590 KB)   Special Issue