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ANGEO – Volume 17, 1999

Meridian-scanning photometer, coherent HF radar, and magnetometer observations of the cusp: a case study   
S. E. Milan, M. Lester, S. W. H. Cowley, J. Moen, P. E. Sandholt, and C. J. Owen
Page(s) 159-172
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Comment on Lockwood and Davis, "On the longitudinal extent of magnetopause reconnection pulses"   
W. J. Heikkila
Page(s) 173-177
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The correct application of Poynting's theorem to the time-dependent magnetosphere: reply to Heikkila   
M. Lockwood and C. J. Davis
Page(s) 178-181
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Enhanced ion acoustic fluctuations and ion outflows   
F. R. E. Forme and D. Fontaine
Page(s) 182-189
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Global transport and localized layering of metallic ions in the upper atmospherer   
L. N. Carter and J. M. Forbes
Page(s) 190-209
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Morphological aspects of a new type of counter electrojet event   
R. G. Rastogi
Page(s) 210-219
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Meridional equatorial electrojet current in the American sector   
R. G. Rastogi
Page(s) 220-230
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The role of dynamics in total ozone deviations from their long-term mean over the Northern Hemisphere   
K. Petzoldt
Page(s) 231-241
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The importance of moisture distribution for the growth and energetics of mid-latitude systems   
V. Pavan, N. Hall, P. Valdes, and M. Blackburn
Page(s) 242-256
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Calculating the azimuth of mountain waves, using the effect of tilted fine-scale stable layers on VHF radar echoes   
R. M. Worthington
Page(s) 257-272
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Cluster regression model and level fluctuation features of Van Lake, Turkey   
Z. Şen, M. Kadioğlu, and E. Batur
Page(s) 273-279
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Drifter observations of the Hebrides slope current and nearby circulation patterns   
M. Burrows and S. A. Thorpe
Page(s) 280-302
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Correction to: Further development in theory/data closure of the photoelectron-driven polar wind and day-night transition of the outflow   
S. W. Y. Tam, F. Yasseen, and T. Chang
Page(s) 303-303
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A simple oblique dip model for geomagnetic micropulsations   
J. A. Lawrie and P. N. Smith
Page(s) 304-306
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