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ANGEO – Volume 17, 1999

Study of the magnetic turbulence in a corotating interaction region in the interplanetary medium   
J. F. Valdés-Galicia and R. A. Caballero
Page(s) 1361-1368
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A multipoint study of a substorm occurring on 7 December, 1992, and its theoretical implications   
N. J. Fox, S. W. H. Cowley, V. N. Davda, G. Enno, E. Friis-Christensen, R. A. Greenwald, M. R. Hairston, M. Lester, M. Lockwood, H. Lühr, D. K. Milling, J. S. Murphree, M. Pinnock, and G. D. Reeves
Page(s) 1369-1384
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Spatial distribution of conductances and currents associated with a north-south auroral form during a multiple-substorm period   
O. Amm, A. Pajunpää, and U. Brandström
Page(s) 1385-1396
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Observations of Pc 3-4 and Pi 2 geomagnetic pulsations in the low-latitude ionosphere   
R. A. Marshall and F. W. Menk
Page(s) 1397-1410
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An anomalous subauroral red arc on 4 August, 1972: comparison of ISIS-2 satellite data with numerical calculations   
V. V. Lobzin, A. V. Pavlov, and N. M. Pavlova
Page(s) 1411-1425
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Signatures of storm sudden commencements in geomagnetic H, Y and Z fields at Indian observatories during 1958−1992   
R. G. Rastogi
Page(s) 1426-1438
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Lower thermospheric nitric oxide concentrations derived from WINDII observations of the green nightglow continuum at 553.1 nm   
C. H. A. von Savigny, I. C. McDade, G. G. Shepherd, and Y. Rochon
Page(s) 1439-1446
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The 16-day planetary wave in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere   
N. J. Mitchell, H. R. Middleton, A. G. Beard, P. J. S. Williams, and H. G. Muller
Page(s) 1447-1456
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Occurrence of polar stratospheric clouds at Kiruna   
C.-F. Enell, Å. Steen, T. Wagner, U. Frieß, K. Pfeilsticker, U. Platt, and K.-H. Fricke
Page(s) 1457-1462
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Turbulent viscosity optimized by data assimilation   
Y. Leredde, J.-L. Devenon, and I. Dekeyser
Page(s) 1463-1477
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The storm tracks and the energy cycle of the Southern Hemisphere: sensitivity to sea-ice boundary conditions   
C. G. Menéndez, V. Serafini, and H. Le Treut
Page(s) 1478-1492
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Letter to the editor
CUTLASS observations of a high-m ULF wave and its consequences for the DOPE HF Doppler sounder
D. M. Wright and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 1493-1497
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